Simpler custom software
for small businesses

Workhorse’s goal is to make things simpler for SME businesses like yours, putting you back in control of mission critical software by delivering effective applications with real-time savings and enhancing visibility of day-to-day operations.

Every day we talk to companies that are drowning in paperwork and frustrated by the limitations set by spreadsheets, multiple ‘one-task’ apps and pre-designed, off-the-shelf SaaS software that is generic and doesn’t ‘quite’ fit the needs of the business. As a result, their processes are inefficient, time-consuming, limit reporting and are restricting their growth.

Historically, the solution demanded budgets of tens of thousands of pounds for bespoke software development that would take months, sometimes years to develop and implement. Small businesses typically don’t have the resources to go that route.

We decided it was time that changed.

Cue Workhorse, the latest innovation in business software.

We believe small businesses should have access to the kind of software that big business benefits from but without the high price tag, complexity or the possibility of getting stuck with an old system that’s no longer fit for purpose when your business grows or changes.

SMEs need one, integrated application that supports their specific operation, for a price they can afford, easily customised to the way they want to run their business both now and as they grow into the future.

Workhorse helps you do more, faster and serve clients better.

This is why we design simple, powerful business management software. Our software allows us to build modules with a high level of configurability that means your software can be truly customised to your business requirements, from your language to workflow automation and integrations. It’s everything you need to run your business efficiently in one place, with customised systems on the Pro and Business Plus plans delivered in a just matter of weeks, all for just a simple monthly subscription.

Our customers range from micro two-person businesses to multi-nationals with 750 staff and £85m turnover, in sectors as diverse as Finance, Legal, Events, Marketing, Recruitment, Membership, Manufacturing, Installation & Maintenance, E-Commerce, Training and Retail.

We are simply passionate about delivering custom solutions.

Constant innovation and development is what we do every day. We've chosen to be Amazon partners (APN Technology Partners) and Xero Developer Partners. By working with Amazon, we are able to provide extensive and flexible availability and a stable and well-architected framework that enables us to deliver leading-edge security for our client-base.

Combine this with an extensive catalogue of customisable modules and features, bespoke development where required and effortless integration to the apps you can't live without; we integrate easily with apps such as your accounting software, Workhorse's solutions are simple and powerful, why not take one of our Essential Solutions for a test drive today?

Workhorse is not just SaaS, it is Software With a Service. We believe businesses achieve more with an account manager that can help them get the best out of their system.

Combining your tools with our modules makes Workhorse fit for any purpose.

We listen so we can understand your business requirements.

Workhorse is tailored to address your business challenges and capture the data you need in any language.

We deliver your template blueprint in just two weeks from our first meeting, with full training on how to use it.

We continue to work with you hand-in-hand to refine your Workhorse software so it always works like you do.