Driver Hire & dh Recruitment

Driver Hire & dh Recruitment are a Sussex-based recruitment agency specialising in temporary and permanent recruitment for the Logistics, Construction & Commercial sectors. With over 100 office locations and servicing different divisions within recruitment, Driver Hire have a lot to manage.

Before Workhorse, Driver Hire & dh Recruitment relied heavily on spreadsheets. All sales activity passed through spreadsheets- and the pain points were clear. A spreadsheet-dependant system led to several problems, such as versions of getting lost, data being duplicated, and the restriction of one-person-at-a-time access. Because of these issues, Driver Hire were losing out on precious productivity, and making mistakes.

“It was really difficult to use”- James McElligott, Branch Manager

The Workhorse solution for Driver Hire & dh Recruitment

Their spreadsheet-based way of doing things clearly was not the right fit for Driver Hire, and after realising that they could benefit from a more modern CRM system, they set about to find one that was suited to them.

Since then, Workhorse has transformed how Driver Hire & dh Recruitment manage their sales, helping them to move away from painful spreadsheets and operate a more streamlined system.

No more accessing their spreadsheets one at a time, and no more mistakes – Workhorse provided them with a system multiple people could access and customised it to Driver Hire’s needs. They created a dashboard that allows Driver Hire to prioritise which clients to target. The team now have full visibility of the deals they are chasing and update them easily as they progress and close deals. This system has provided Driver Hire with visibility and control that was impossible to achieve with spreadsheets.

Because of these benefits, Driver Hire have brought in new clients, and things are operating more smoothly.

“we’re now starting to see all the benefits coming in”

Building their customised sales tool with Workhorse allowed Driver Hire & dh Recruitment to transform their sales processes and convert more customers. With the more efficient system, Driver Hire are saving days of wasted admin time per month– time previously spent juggling spreadsheets and manually inputting data.