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How we helped others become uber productive.

29th October, 2017

RORC Rating Office

The Royal Ocean Racing Club Rating Office based in Lymington, Hampshire provide boat owners with ratings so they can race fairly with boats of different designs. The Rating Office needed to find a system that would reduce the time to process increasingly complex client applications, eliminating spreadsheets, reducing human error and enabling quick and easy online payment. As a result, RORC has been able to deliver higher levels of customer service and freed staff up to focus on future improvements for the business.

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28th October, 2017


Peppermint delivers fresh event concepts and high quality bars at outdoor events. Often running multiple bars across a site, Peppermint needed a quick and easy way to track stock levels and staff requirements and on-site wholesale operations at events which could have over 65,000 partygoers. Peppermint turned to Workhorse for a sales reporting App that maximised efficiency, service and profits with real-time information.

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27th October, 2017

Air Social

Air Social, a digital marketing agency based in Guildford and Norwich with a mission to build brands through the creation of bespoke, integrated marketing packages media. As a business they were frustrated by the limitations of off-the-shelf software that simply didn’t meet their own bespoke needs to operate more efficiently. Like most businesses, lead generation is vital, but for AirSocial, even more so as they also provide the service to their clients. The Workhorse solution provided a system which not only meant that no lead was overlooked but also allowed them to track client hours, set and complete tasks and more adding to business efficiency but without being overloaded by unnecessary functionality.

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26th October, 2017


Source UPS is a fully-fledged IT infrastructure solutions company, supplying everything from back-up power for a desktop PC to entire infrastructure solutions for data centres. As a fast growing company, Source UPS were looking for an application to support their business and put the foundations in place to control their rapidly growing operations. Workhorse is now integral to their day-to-day activities. Saving time, improved accuracy and better customer service are just some of the benefits that have resulted.

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25th October, 2017


Divorce Lifeline gets between 60 and 90 enquiries via their website each month. Until recently these enquiries were dealt with manually. The name, email address and preferred time to call back were noted on a paper form. The forms were then filed alphabetically. Not only was this a time-consuming exercise, there were many opportunities where the process could fail. Forms were misfiled and call back times were missed. After implementing Workhorse, alerts are created that schedule calls and allocate them to a member of staff. No more missed enquiries and significant cost and efficiency benefits have resulted.

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“Having all the processes and information in one place, plus the integration to Xero, saves us a huge amount of time, every day. The bespoke module for maintenance contracts has made a massive difference. Customer notes are instantly visible; no more referring back to spreadsheets.”

Gavin Banks, Source UPS