Business Management Software Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you choose an Essentials plan or a system designed uniquely for your business, Workhorse makes your workflows easy, saving you time and making you more money. Workhorse loves Xero. We've been Xero Developer Partners right from the start, so you can be sure to gain greater efficiency with streamlined integration with your Xero apps.


Whatever your business, we’ve thought about you.

Whether you choose to start with an Essential plan such as Order Management or Inventory, or need a bespoke build from the ground up, Workhorse is delivered quickly, designed around your business and process flows, giving you exactly what you need to run your business without the unnecessary functionality that just gets in the way. Workhorse grows with you. However your business changes, your system can be updated. Whether you need new modules, integrations, or automated workflows, we make sure you have a system that is flexible and agile.


    Lead Generation


    Order Management, Bookings


    Product Catalogue


    Field Management & Resource Scheduling


    Quotes & Invoicing


    CRM & Suppliers


    Inventory & Fulfilment


    Data Management


    Purchase Orders & Documentation


    Tasks & Timesheets


    Reporting & KPI Tracking

“It’s also made our jobs much more interesting! Especially when I think back to how much time we used to spend on repetitive, mundane admin tasks. Now that we have Workhorse and are integrated with Xero, we have time to spend on producing the certificates, answering queries and thinking about future improvements, focusing on our customers and the business”. RORC RATING OFFICE


Benefit from the latest in Cloud Technology

Having worked with Xero since Workhorse's initial development, you can be sure we've designed a system that automates your workflows from your first enquiry to your accounts payable. Workhorse means you can eliminate double-keying and spreadsheets that you can't rely on and what's more it makes your transition of sales data into Xero seamless. Now, you have time to sit back and have a cuppa!

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Your business is unique and so are your processes

Custom Software Designed For Your Business

Our bespoke software application delivers all the functionality you need, all in one place. Include any combination of our Workhorse modules for: lead generation and CRM; customer contacts; data management; reporting; enquiry management and bookings; inventory management, order processing and order fulfilment; task and time-sheet management; quotes, costs and invoices; resource and personnel scheduling; and metrics and KPIs.

The starter kit for small business

Workhorse Essential Plans

Just have one requirement to solve right now? No problem. Workhorse's Essential plans solve many needs from Order Management & Inventory to Project Management and more. If you need more at a later stage, just add a module. Simple.


Integration is easy

Your Workhorse is your end-to-end system, tailored to your processes, that enables you to access all the data you need, in one place, for ultimate streamlined working. We build your software with Workhorse modules to cover pretty much all your internal processes. If you need additional business tools such as business accounting apps like Xero, online sales platforms such as Amazon, or marketing platforms like MailChimp, Workhorse integrates easily in one magical place


Customised software for small businesses without the big business cost

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A dedicated Account Manager who listens to understand your business requirements.

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Workhorse is customised to the way you work so that you have everything you need and nothing that you don't

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For bespoke, software builds, we deliver your template blueprint in just 2 weeks from first meeting. For Essential plans you have immediate access.

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You always have a system that works the way you do. If the business changes, no problem, we work hand-in-hand with you to make sure your software is always current.

Your Perfect Business Software: Workhorse + Xero

Workhorse makes running your business simpler. No more pulling your hair out, juggling numerous, inaccurate spreadsheets or jumping from system to system to get the information you need. Now, even when key people are on holiday your workflow is automated and you can see your important business numbers with a quick click. Workhorse saves you time and helps you delight your customers more.