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The Dashboard is the first module you’ll see each time you log in to Workhorse. The Dashboard is designed to give you quick access to Calendar events, Master Search, and any Notes and Tasks assigned to you.


If you’ve signed up for a free trial, you’ll be greeted with a ‘Welcome to Workhorse’ banner. We’ve populated your trial account with demo data to help show you what Workhorse can do. Any information you add during your trial will be deleted when you click the Delete Demo Data button.


The Calendar provides a shortcut to two types of Calendar events:

By default, all Calendar events are displayed. Use the filters to only view Opportunity follow up dates, Quote follow up dates, or Purchase Order (PO) required dates.
Use the arrow buttons to navigate to the previous or next time frame selected (day, week, or month). 
By default, the calendar displays the current month. To view another time frame select day or week
Calendar events are colour coloured as per the filters above. Click on the event to go to the associated Opportunity, Quote, or Purchase Order (PO).

Master Search

Use the Master Search box to perform a Quick Search of all Customers (including contacts), Customer Orders, Opportunities, Quotes, Purchase Orders, and Suppliers.

Current User Tasks

The Current User Tasks section provides a list of all Notes and Tasks assigned to you with a Note, New, In Progress, or Overdue status.

Click anywhere in the entry to view or update the Note/Task details.
Click + New to add a new Note or Task for you or another member of your team. 
Click Search to perform an Advanced Search of your Notes and Tasks.
If you have a lot of Notes/Tasks assigned to you, you’ll need to use the navigation buttons to view more.

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