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Record a Delivery (Receive Products)


When items purchased on a PO arrive, it’s important to record the delivery (receive Products) on the corresponding PO. This way, your Product stock levels are automatically updated. 

To record the delivery of a PO (receive Products):

1.  Select the PO from the Purchase Order module (use the Quick Search to help you find it).

2.  Expand the Receive Products section and click + New

Workhorse - Receiving Products on a PO

3.  The Receive Products form will be displayed. Products must be entered one at a time. Select/enter the details as required:

Workhorse - Receiving Products on a PO
Select the Product from the drop-down list. This list will contain all of the Products on this PO.
(Optional) Select the Receive Location from the drop-down list. This list contains all of your Stock Locations.
Enter the Received Quantity. By default, this will be prepopulated once you select the Product. Make sure you enter the actual amount received (it could be more or less than the quantity on the PO). 
The Received Date and Time will entered automatically and cannot be edited.
Click Save or Save and Add New to receive another Product on this PO. 

4.  Once saved, the entry will be visible in the Receive Products section, and the received quantity will be displayed next to the Product under Purchase Order Detail. The PO Status will be updated to Complete if all the Products have been received, or Part Complete (On Order) if the PO is partially received.

In the example below, 50 Products were ordered, but only 25 arrived in the first delivery. 

Workhorse - Receiving Products on a PO

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