Credit Notes

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All credits information is available in this module.
Sometimes a reduction in the invoice price is necessary and sometimes the stock which has been ordered and invoiced may be returned, in which case a credit would be issued.

Fig 81 Credits Display

New credits can be created by clicking the Add New button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Fig 82 Credit Add

Input the relevant credit information and click Save.

This table contains details of what all the Credits fields represent.

Name of FieldMandatoryDescription
Credit Note RefDefaultsSystem generated reference which defaults on save
Credit DateDefaultsDefaults to today’s date but can be changed
StatusDefaultsDefaults to draft and can be changed after you have saved the credit note.  Possible values are: Draft, Sent, Complete and Cancelled. At status “Sent” the Credit Note will be passed too Xero.
CustomerYSelect from Dropdown of all customers
Tax RateYSelect from Dropdown of all tax rates
InvoiceNSelect from Dropdown of all customer invoices,
NotesNNotes that you wish to be easily visible.
CurrencyYThe currency for the credit note.
Credit NetDefaultsThe amount of the credit
Credit TaxDefaultsThe tax being reimbursed
Credit TotalDefaultsThe sum of Credit Net and Credit Tax
Xero Credit NoteDefaultsXero Credit Note Reference
Xero RefDefaultsXero Reference

Once you’ve entered the basic details of the Credit you need to enter the line details.
On the right-hand side of the screen you can see Credit Details, here you enter the products the credit relates to.

Fig 83 Credit Detail View

Click the Credit details line to expand the section. Click + New to create a new credit line.

Fig 84 Credit Detail

Enter the credit details and Save.
This table contains details of what all the Credits fields represent.

Name of FieldMandatoryDescription
InvoiceDefaultsDefaults to the invoice you entered in the main credits section.
Invoice LineYSelect the invoice line that this refund is for. Note you can enter multiple lines by selecting “Save and Add New”
Credit DescriptionNA description of the credit
Return to StockDefaultsIs the item being returned to stock?  This defaults to No and can be changed to Yes
Receive LocationDefaultsThis defaults to main and can be changed
QuantityNThe number of items to be credited
Credit PriceDefaultsThis defaults to Price of item defined in Order Line but it can be changed if you are not crediting the full amount.
Line TotalDefaultsThis defaults to Quantity x Credit Price
Tax RateDefaultsThis normally defaults to the tax rate on the item for which the credit is being made.  However if you are making a non specific refund (i.e. not linked to a particular line of the order) then you will need to select the tax rate from the dropdown.
NoteNAny notes about this credit