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How are prices and discounts applied to an order?

There are several places in Workhorse where prices and discounts can be set.
The Workhorse system always choses the price that will apply first and then applies any discount set to that price.

The default price will be the price taken from the Product Default Sell Price field when no other price has been set.

There are two other places where Price can be set:
• Price List – This is defined in Settings/Price List and applies for example to Retail or Wholesale Price lists or might apply to Sales price lists. A price list is then attached at the customer level and all products on the list will be charged at the list price instead of the Default Sell Price, unless Customer Pricing has also been set.
• Customer Pricing – This is defined in Customer/Customer Pricing. You would use this if you wanted to give a customer a particular price. The system will use this price over both a Price List Price and the Default Sell Price. When a product exists on a Price List that has been applied to the customer and the customer has Customer Pricing applied for the same product, the Customer Pricing price will be used.

Unlike percentage discounts, Price List and Customer Pricing do not change when the Default Sell Price is changed, so you need to be aware that when you make a change to your Default Sell Price, you may want to also change the price of that item on a Price List and the price if a special price has been set in Customer Pricing.

Once the system has chosen the price to be applied, it will then look for discounts.

Discounts are set as percentage discounts.

Discounts can be set at the:
• Customer Level in the Customer Discounts field. This discount will default into the Discount Pct field for every customer order for this customer but can be overridden at the order level to a higher or lower level or to null (delete the discount and don’t enter an alterative). Note: If you set this to zero (0) in the Discount Pct field then this will take precedent over other discounts but if it is null it will not).
• Customer/Category or Customer/Product level in the Customer Discounts pane. Discounts at this level will be used if the Customer Level, Customer Discounts field is null or if it has been overridden on the order and set to null.
The system will apply only one of these discounts.

Most of my records seem to have disappeared. Where are they?

The most common reason for this is that you have done an advanced search and not refreshed to clear the search. When you do this, advanced search saves the search until you select the “Refresh” button. Even if you go to a different module of Workhorse and come back to the original module they system will still remember your search until you select refresh.