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How is Legacy Software Limiting Your Business Operations?

Most software solutions don’t last forever. The vendor will make updates for at least a few years, and you’ll need to install them. But at some point, they will release a new version or perhaps even stop making the software altogether. Even traditional bespoke software isn’t free from the problems that come with keeping it …
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Cyber Security for Retailers – Best Practice Toolkit Published

Last week, The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) released information on best practice guidelines developed in conjunction with the British Retail Consortium (BRC).  The NCSC is tasked with protecting not only business but also private individuals from cybercrime.  Retail is one area where business and private individuals are closely connected.  In an increasingly digitalised environment, …
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Workhorse Reseller Programme Kicks off Spring 2019!

Workhorse, the custom business management software, announces the official launch of its reseller programme in Spring 2019. Workhorse is growing fast in the UK and Europe.  A second round of funding completing this year, will further fund the Company’s mission to dominate small business software by enabling small businesses to grow with exceptional, highly customisable …
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bespoke software that fits like a glove

Why Settle for Poor Fit? How Bespoke Software Gives You More

Picking an off-the-shelf software system for your business is an easily available option and has become a popular choice. However, whether it’s a good choice is another question. A readymade software package could work out for a while, but many companies find out pretty soon that it’s not the right solution for them. Using off-the-shelf …
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CRM a jigsaw that fits together

The Simple Way to Get a CRM that Works for You

Any modern marketing team needs a customer relationship management system but so too does the wider business. CRM software makes customer relationship management simple, giving you the tools that you need to handle it all in one place. We all need a little help from technology to make human interaction easier at busy times. CRM …
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Fast-growing SaaS company, Workhorse, chooses the AWS platform to support client demand internationally. An innovative, modular system, Workhorse is unlike most other business software products.  Designed chiefly for the SME market, Workhorse is custom business management software at a SaaS price.  Managing Director, Alastair Badman, developed Workhorse to kick down the barriers of entry for …
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Simplify Your Sales Order Management On and Offline

Managing your sales doesn’t have to be like trying to round up a dozen toddlers dizzy on lemonade. You need to keep your sales up, and to achieve that you might sell through multiple channels or offer a wide range of products. This can leave you juggling sales from all directions when things are going …
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Collaboration Tools: Only Part of the Answer for Profitable Agencies

Working in marketing is all about being a team. Everyone has their areas of expertise and special skills, and you all bring them together to create winning campaigns. A lot of marketing agencies turn to collaboration tools to try and grease the wheels and get everyone working in harmony but how can they take the …
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Sell Online and Offline Better without the Multiple Platform Madness

Selling your products online often means using a variety of sales platforms, from your own website to sites ranging from eBay and Amazon to Etsy and often physical stores as well. Having access to all of these different places to sell your goods is fantastic for your sales but it’s not without its challenges. When …
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Managing Contract Projects and Relationships in One Place

Providing contract furnishings for businesses isn’t just about selling a product. It also means offering a service to your clients. You help them get the right look and feel for their business, whether it’s a trendy office space or a luxury hotel. You could be giving someone’s business a brand new personality, which means you …
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