Workhorse helped Hotbox boost their productivity with software to track their inventory globally in one system.

Hotbox are dedicated to agile working

Hotbox was founded on a need for easier agile working. The brand’s innovative products serve notable global brands such as Google and LinkedIn, supporting the world in its quest for agile working. Agile working is more important than ever during the Covid-19 world, and Hotbox are dedicated to providing businesses and individuals with the tools they need to make working from anywhere easy.

What Hotbox needed

With manufacturing split between Europe and China, and exporting globally, effective inventory and order management is an integral part of making Hotbox run smoothly. With complex inventory management needs, Hotbox struggled to find an order management system which worked for them.

After trying multiple systems, they landed with Workhorse.

Previously Hotbox had been operating with three separate systems for their order management, made more complicated by the need to log out of each system between use. The result was a frustrated team, who found mistakes being easily made and productivity being slowed down.

“It allows us to see everything in one system”

— Jamie Rothwell | Managing Director | Hotbox

Workhorse for Hotbox

“It allows us to see everything in one system”

Previously, Hotbox had been left with overcomplicated, expensive software which didn’t meet their needs- making everyday business activities far more convoluted than necessary and overcrowding their processes with functions they just didn’t use.

Workhorse worked hard with Hotbox to provide them with an order and inventory management system that properly fit their needs. Starting with a standard software package, Hotbox were able to customise their Workhorse system, allowing them to keep track of all inventory globally, and manage orders properly. For Hotbox, their new inventory and order management software was transformative, reducing mistakes and improving productivity amongst their teams.

“I was amazed at how quick it was to set it up”

It was the customisation benefits of Workhorse that helped Hotbox get their order management right, leaving behind functions that didn’t serve them, leaving a streamlined, easy to use software which meets their business needs.

Workhorse were there to help Hotbox customise their new software for their specific processes, and fully integrate it into their business. This meant Hotbox were provided with a right-fit software that streamlined their business and eliminated errors in their inventory management, all without the huge cost of a bespoke software.

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