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What our customers say

Eleanor Barnard

We deployed Workhorse after a 3 month implementation that involved quite a bit of customisation to our specific requirements, including managing serial numbers, RMAs and subscriptions. We are delighted with the outcome

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Gavin Banks

Workhorse has been a game changer for our business. It’s moved us from using multiple spreadsheets and other applications to one centralised system, it even integrates with our e-commerce site so orders are uploaded automatically in Workhorse which saves a huge amount of manual processing time and increases our productivity

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Nigel Peacock

Workhorse is now an integral part of our business linking our delivery to our invoicing with Xero seamlessly. The changes that we asked for were all done with little effort from us. Great company to deal with

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Jason Andrews

Excellent product and support – The team quickly understood our business and the technical bespoke requirements we had. The flexibility of the software allowed us to create a well suited interface, together with behind the scenes processes that now save us an enormous amount of time

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Clair Ward

We implemented Workhorse in March 2023 and it has revolutionised our stock control and customer invoicing processes. The seamless link between Workhorse and Xero makes

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Szymon Krzyzanowski

Great Customer Service and Flexible to suit our needs! The implementation has been seamless and the ‘step change’ from paper and spreadsheets to a system driven solution has given us far better ‘real time’ information

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Emily Daniel

Our business highly recommends Workhorse! This has been the perfect system to run with our ecommerce website and Xero Accounting. Integrates really well, no glitches and seamless!…

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Sam Thapar

Sarah and the Team have been absolutely fantastic to deal with! AAA+++ WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mark Randall

First class inventory management software. We have seen the system improve client efficiency, reduce errors and integrate seamlessly with Xero

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Jamie Seal

We recently set up workhorse and linked it to Xero. It really helps us reduce the admin managing our orders and invoicing. Its now a part of the business that just works and doesn’t need intervention.

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Gary Timpson

Workhorse integrates brilliantly with Xero, any pricing issues can easily be resolved in Workhorse, in turn updating Xero. Workhorse Team are Great. Always happy to help with queries small or large.

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Hollie Edwards

We have been happy with how Workhorse integrates with Xero and this makes the life of the finance team much easier! Helpful and friendly team too who are always willing to make adjustments to improve further!

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James Mercy

We’ve been happy with Workhorse and the team behind it from the day we decided to migrate. Our product and process has certain nuances that other systems simply couldn’t cope with…

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Stephanie Hunt

We have been using Workhorse for several years now and its made life so much easier. We use it for Quotes, to automatically creating tasks for timesheets, and then roll up timesheets and costs to invoices which zip straight through to Xero!

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Oona Bannon

WorkHorse works – We moved to WH in 2020 and its revolutionised our stock, quote, and invoice management. Plus it also took us to a much needed next level on KPI reporting and deeper reporting potential.

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Jack Symonds

Great choice – Positive on almost all fronts. Great to develop with and reactive support. Has made a huge difference to our business.

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Matthew Jones

We moved over to Workhorse from Sage and don’t regret it. The personal touch every step of the way from on-boarding to any current day problem solving we have really appreciated. The big plus for us has been the seamless Workhorse link up between Xero and our eCommerce platforms

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Lee Dalziel

Brilliant system – We started working with Workhorse in January after an on boarding process that walked us through all the info we needed. It’s been over 6 months now and we couldn’t be without this system.

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Simple to use

Looking to streamline your order & inventory management and keep everything in one place? Workhorse is simple.

Better control

With your centralised dashboard, increased visibility and more meaningful data, Workhorse puts you back in control.

Software that fits

No clunky, overcomplicated systems here. Flex or extend your Workhorse application to exactly fit your business needs.

Ditch manual processes

Leave behind error-prone manual processes. Workhorse eliminates double-keying and lets your whole team work from one place.

Affordable for your business

The unique Workhorse approach means we can flex your software to fit your needs and your business, without breaking the bank.

Xero integration

Looking for a more seamless way to do business? Workhorse is fully integrable with Xero, so data is only input once.

How does Workhorse work for your business?

 Looking to find out about how Workhorse helps businesses to streamline their processes and boost efficiency? Watch the video to learn more.

Ready for better business visibility with Workhorse?

It’s fast and easy to integrate Workhorse into your business. Get started with more meaningful data and greater efficiency.

Save time + boost efficiency

It’s time to leave behind the slow and tedious. Workhorse provides you with faster access to key data, reduces errors and ensures your whole team is working from one place.

Ditch spreadsheets

Ready to stop depending on clunky, manual processes and ditch the spreadsheets that slow you down? Workhorse’s automated, streamlined approach gives you better business visibility than ever.

“Before everyone was doing everything manually. With Workhorse, its four times as fast.”

— Jack Hamson |Operations Manager | HOWE London

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