About Us

Order & inventory management that puts you in control. 

Welcome to Workhorse – Your Order & Inventory Management Solution

At Workhorse, we understand that managing orders and inventory is at the core of your business’s success. We believe that efficiency and control are the keys to unlocking your company’s full potential. That’s why we have developed simple-to-use, cloud-based order and inventory management software designed to put you in control and help your business thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leader in order and inventory management solutions for SMEs, through flexible, configurable software with service-focused delivery and support.


Our Values 

Our shared values are the qualities that embody and guide our team’s ongoing work ethic. In keeping with an ambitious vision of excellence, our core values are:
Integrity – We embody the Workhorse values.
Honesty – Be truthful in all we do and strive to learn and improve from our mistakes.
Friendly – We do everything with a smile on our face.
Caring – We care about outcomes and client success.
Collaboration – Working together as a team both internally and with our clients to reach goals.
Dedication – We work hard and show commitment.
Determination: We persevere despite challenges to reach positive outcomes


What Sets Us Apart?

User-Friendly Software: Workhorse offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring that you can start managing your orders and inventory efficiently from day one, with no steep learning curve.

Cloud-Based Convenience: Access your business data anytime, anywhere with our cloud-based solution. No more worries about lost data or complicated installations.

Integration with Xero: Seamlessly connect your Workhorse account with Xero for a complete and hassle-free accounting and inventory management experience.

Centralised Dashboard Control: Keep a firm grip on your business with our centralised dashboard, providing real-time insights into your orders, inventory, and sales.

Integrations: Workhorse will be the operational hub of the business through integrations like Woo, Shopify, and Shiptheory.

Our Multinational Team

Workhorse operates with a truly global perspective, with our dedicated team members based in England, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Greece. Our multilingual team speaks English, Portuguese, Italian, Bulgarian, and Greek, allowing us to provide support and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

England: Our UK team combines a deep understanding of the local business landscape with global expertise in order and inventory management.

Portugal: Our Portuguese team brings a passion for innovation and technology to the table, ensuring that our software stays ahead of the curve.

Bulgaria: Our Bulgarian team is known for their attention to detail and dedication to customer success, offering expert insights into streamlining operations.

Greece: Our Greek team brings a wealth of knowledge about business processes and market dynamics to the forefront.

Why choose Workhorse

Join the growing list of ambitious businesses who trust Workhorse to simplify their order and inventory management, enhance visibility, and achieve their goals. Take control of your operations, streamline your processes, and unlock your business’s full potential with Workhorse.

Ready to get started? Contact us today or sign up for a free trial to experience the power of Workhorse for yourself. 



Rely less on spreadsheets, improve productivity

Wasting time on manual data entry and spreadsheets? Workhorse cloud-based software boosts productivity.