Speed up your manufacturing business with better visibility

End-to-end order tracking stops things falling through the cracks. All your data is accessible in one place, putting you back in control.

Visibility and control for manufacturing

Better visibility means more control. It’s easier than ever to keep an eye on your production schedule with Workhorse. Track quotes, dispatch notes, invoices and more in your centralised Workhorse system.

“Workhorse is a critical part of our sales and marketing stack which is fundamental to the business”

— Tony Deegan | Director | DG Glass

Generate and track quotes in one place

Losing information in spreadsheets slows you down. Boost your sales pipeline with fast quoting and keep all quote information in one place.

Check in on your pipeline from anywhere

No more juggling spreadsheets, the cloud-based nature of Workhorse means you can log in to find pipeline information whenever you need. That means order data is always where you need it.

Order management for manufacturing

Looking to transform how order & inventory management is done for your business? Move on from juggling spreadsheets and manual errors. Workhorse’s cloud-based application puts you back in control.

Workhorse puts you back in control

With better visibility and more meaningful data, you can make better order & inventory management decisions for your business.

Simple to use

Looking to strip back your complex order & inventory management and keep everything in one place? Workhorse is simple.

Better control

With your centralised dashboard, increased visibility and more meaningful data, Workhorse puts you back in control.

Software that fits

No clunky, overcomplicated systems here. Flex or extend your existing Workhorse software to exactly fit your business needs.

Ditch manual processes

Leave behind error-causing manual processes. Workhorse reduces double-keying and lets your whole team work from one place.

Affordable for your business

The unique Workhorse approach means we can flex your software to fit your needs and work for you, without breaking the bank.

Xero integration

Looking for a more seamless way to do business? Workhorse is fully integrated with Xero, so data is only input once.

Workhorse simplifies pipeline tracking

We help manufacturing businesses to simplify their pipeline tracking for better visibility and control.