Better business efficiency

with Workhorse

Simple to use

Looking to strip back your complex order & inventory management and keep everything in one place? Workhorse is simple.

Better control

With your centralised dashboard, increased visibility and more meaningful data, Workhorse puts you back in control.

Software that fits

No clunky, overcomplicated systems here. Flex or extend your existing Workhorse software to fit your business needs.

Ditch manual processes

Leave behind error causing manual processes. Workhorse eliminates double-keying and lets your whole team work from one place.

Affordable for your business

The unique Workhorse approach means we can flex your software to fit your needs and work for you, without breaking the bank.

Xero integration

Looking for a more seamless way to do business? Workhorse is fully integrable with Xero, so data is only input once.

Configure your software

We know order & inventory management isn’t one-size-fits-all. Unlike completely off the shelf software, Workhorse can be flexed and configured to work for you.

If you'd like a demo

Perhaps you’d like a little showing around? That’s why our team are here to give you a demo when you need it.

Simple, flexible, cloud-based.

Workhorse is designed to make order & inventory management easier.

Everything in one place

Juggling spreadsheets is a drain on resources. We know the value of saving time. That’s why with Workhorse, everything you need is right there, in one place.

Keep track of invoices

Track invoices neatly in Workhorse. Keep an overview of due date and status, whilst integrating seamlessly with your Xero account.

It’s time to leave behind the things that slow you down.

If you’re looking to ditch time-draining manual processes and simplify your order & inventory management, Workhorse can help. Get started with your free trial or book a demo with our expert team.