Workhorse: The perfect business partner.



You don’t have to change the way you work to fit the technology. Workhorse allows you to manage all your key reports and data in one place. No more double-entering of data or analysing multiple spreadsheets reduces errors and saves you time!


Streamlined integration: Workhorse connects seamlessly with third party apps such as accounting software, online sales platforms and marketing solutions, so you only handle the data once.


Flexibility - as your business grows, Workhorse has no storage limits. Plus, you can add all the integrations and modules you need to your Workhorse at any time.


Any time - Anywhere: As a cloud-based solution, Workhorse ensures you have the information you need, wherever you are on any device - and in any language.




Choose to have a custom-built module, or quickly and easily implement modules such as: ERP, CRM (lead generation), Quotes & Order Processing, Data Management, Bookings, Inventory Management, Order Fulfilment, KPI, Enquiry Management, Tasks, Timesheets, Invoicing, Reporting, Resource & Personnel Scheduling.


In addition to the huge range of modular templates, Workhorse can be easily integrated with almost an unlimited number of third party apps and solutions.


Workhorse integrates with all leading accounts software for easy financial reporting. These include: Sage, Quickbooks and Xero as well as payment processors, such as Stripe.


Workhorse puts the power into your marketing, enabling to bring all channel functions together. Need to use marketing solutions like Mailchimp? No problem. Need to manage your sales and fulfilment from your website, ebay and Amazon all in one place? Done!



You may be nervous about new business software, but with Workhorse you don’t have to change the way you work. Workhorse is different to other business software because it is custom built alongside you for your business and your processes... no one else’s.


First we discover how your business ticks and what information and data you currently manage, and would like to manage. Then we configure Workhorse to take care of it all – a sort of dashboard for your business. Simple.


As part of the discovery process, we share our best practice knowledge with you. We review your current processes and potentially find ways in which they can be improved – often delivering significant cost savings to your business! This service is free, and comes even before you implement your Workhorse.


The final step is we seamlessly connect your Workhorse to all your integrations, so finally you can roll up time sheets to invoices, manage prospects and customers, track tasks and projects and much more...


7 steps towards the perfect business partnership:
1. Understand your business
2. Share our best process practice with you
3. Review your processes
4. Improve your workflow
5. Configure Workhorse to fit your business
6. Implement your Workhorse
7. Connect with your core business solutions

“We explained to the team at Workhorse what we needed and within 2 weeks we had our system up and running. The quality of service has been amazing. Workhorse's customer service team are always at the end of the phone and if we email them with a change it’s done immediately.”

Tony Derbyshire, Director, Divorce Lifeline