Simple-to-use software for better inventory management

Inventory management can get tricky. That’s why Workhorse is designed for simplicity, putting you back in control by keeping everything you need in one place.

Workhorse works hard for your business

What does Workhorse do best? We provide you with configurable software that puts you in control, all in one simple package.

Simple to use

Looking to strip back your complex order & inventory management and keep everything in one place? Workhorse is simple.

Better control

With your centralised dashboard, increased visibility and more meaningful data, Workhorse puts you back in control.

Software that fits

No clunky, overcomplicated systems here. Flex or extend your existing Workhorse software to fit your business.

Gain better oversight of your inventory with Workhorse

We understand how important it is that Workhorse fits your business. That’s why you can give it a try for free. To see how you like us, start your free trial.

Inventory management made simple

Gain better oversight of your inventory management data, giving you the tools you need to make smart inventory decisions.

Instantly access stock reports

With all your data housed in one application, you can access automatically-generated stock reports to help you keep track of inventory. No more guessing.

Your centralised product catalogue

Stay on top of your inventory with clear product lists, price lists and more. Keep your product information where your whole team can access it and say goodbye to spreadsheets.

Why our customers love Workhorse

Ready to transform your inventory management?

Ditch the spreadsheets and provide your team with the tools they need to make better inventory decisions.