DG Glass

DG Glass used Workhorse to transform their sales processes and boost their productivity.

The challenges DG Glass faced

DG Glass specialise in creating architectural glazing using aluminium systems, for both the public and private sectors, in light commercial buildings in London and the South East. DG Glass offer clients, architects, and main contractors comprehensive solutions with high specification products and offer an end-to-end service ranging from initial design all the way through to ongoing maintenance.

A company with ambitious sales KPIs, DG Glass needed a way of monitoring their pipeline and ensure quotes could be generated effectively and efficiently.

DG Glass had outgrown their spreadsheets

Prior to finding Workhorse, the team at DG Glass used a plethora of spreadsheets, shared documents, and manual processes to run their sales operation. Not only were the systems fragmented and confined to their local IT infrastructure, but the nature of spreadsheets and shared documents meant it was difficult for the management gain full visibility across the business. Plus, the amount of manual data input and lack of reporting culminated in multiple inefficiencies across the business.

Tasked with finding a system that could streamline their processes, Tony Deegan introduced Workhorse to the business.

“Workhorse is a critical part of our sales and marketing stack which is fundamental to the business.”

— Tony Deegan | Director | DG Glass

Workhorse’s solution for DG Glass

As a customisable, cloud application, Workhorse has enabled DG Glass to transform their sales processes and productivity. DG Glass use Workhorse as a system to monitor their sales pipeline as well as a tool to send quotes and log customer history and interaction. The introduction of Workhorse has given DG glass an end-to-end system which provides full visibility and has removed many of the manual processes and freed up the time of the sales team from data management.

There is now a continuous flow of information throughout the business and the cloud-based nature of Workhorse allows multiple users to access the data, any time or anywhere – something not easily achieved by spreadsheets!

The Workhorse solution

“Workhorse is a critical part of our sales and marketing stack which is fundamental to the business. The simplicity of Workhorse and the fact that it is totally customisable has increased productivity throughout the company as well as improving visibility,” Tony Deegan, Director at DG Glass added.

“We can now see historical data – something that was not easily achieved prior to Workhorse. Our relationship with Workhorse is excellent and from the outset they’ve understood our challenges and objectives.”

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