DL Foods – Revolutionising Data and Inventory Management with Workhorse

12 Jun 2024

DL Foods, established in 2012, has grown from a commission-only bedroom operation to a fully self-sufficient business with a six-strong team. The company prides itself on consistently delivering exceptional service to its loyal customers, specialising in top-quality frozen meats sourced from a robust supplier base across the UK and Europe.

Workhorse Implementation: A Strategic Move

DL Foods embarked on a journey with Workhorse, recognising the need for a modern solution to manage their expanding operations. Michelle Dalziel, Operations Manager, shared insights during a two-year retrospective on the impact of Workhorse.

When DL Foods first engaged with Workhorse, the company’s turnover was around one point five million. Fast forward to the present, and DL Foods has achieved a remarkable four-million-pound turnover. The decision to implement Workhorse initially raised questions, but Michelle emphasised the foresight in not wanting to manage a four-million-pound business on spreadsheets.

Maintaining Headcount Stability

The company’s headcount remained stable, showcasing the scalability and efficiency that Workhorse brought to DL Foods. Michelle highlighted that when new team members joined after the system’s implementation, they seamlessly adapted to Workhorse, recognising it as the standard system to use.

Evolution of Workhorse Over Two Years

Workhorse, over the past two years, has evolved to meet DL Foods’ changing needs. The system proved to be adaptable and versatile, aligning itself with the growth and expansion of the business.

Choosing Workhorse Over Other Solutions

Michelle explained that DL Foods considered various solutions before choosing Workhorse. With an existing system in place and Xero for financial management, the key factor that drew them to Workhorse was its integration capability with Xero. The system’s adaptability, compared to off-the-shelf programs and high-end ERP systems, presented a middle ground that perfectly suited DL Foods’ requirements.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings

The impact of Workhorse on DL Foods’ operations was profound. Michelle highlighted the system’s role in consolidating stock lists from external cold stores into a unified system. This streamlined the tracking of stock items, billing on the purchase order side, and simplified stock visibility. Workhorse significantly reduced the time spent manually managing stock sheets, enhancing efficiency, and allowing quick access to critical information.

Michelle also emphasises the cost-effective tracking of stock, citing a specific example where Workhorse helped identity and address high stock holding within the business. 

Supporting Growth and Confidence in the Future

DL Foods’ growth trajectory has been remarkable, reaching a turnover of nearly four million pounds. Lee Dalziel, Founder and Managing Director of DL Foods, expressed his confidence “DL Foods has no issues with growth for the next five years, thanks to Workhorse”

The Human Element in System Success

In concluding the discussion, Michelle highlighted the importance of the human element in system success. Even with the best system in place, active data management and user engagement are crucial for realising the full potential of a tool like Workhorse.

DL Foods’ case study stands as a testament to the transformative power of Workhorse in revolutionising and streamlining operations, data and inventory management, ultimately contributing to the company’s growth and success in the industry.


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