Elevating Operational Efficiency: A Case Study on overcoming complex challenges with Workhorse

30 Jan 2024

Product distribution companies often face intricate challenges in managing orders and inventory. This post delves into some challenges faced by one of our clients, which are often universal problems, and the transformative solutions implemented through Workhorse.

Challenges and Solutions

Dual Sourcing Dilemma

Challenge: Our client grappled with sourcing finished products either externally or through in-house manufacturing.

Solution: Workhorse streamlined operations, enabling products to be procured or built through configurable purchase orders and work orders. Real-time cost prices and stock valuation were automated.

Dynamic Pricing and Customer Discounts

Challenge: Pricing decisions were complex, tied to real-time cost prices, and required applying discounts based on total units sold.

Solution: Workhorse’s dynamic pricing engine facilitated live data updates, per-unit pricing options, and automated discount calculations, offering a holistic view of costs and margins.

Accurate Forecasting

Challenge: Maintaining optimal stock levels was hindered by uncertainties in production and shipping lead times.

Solution: Workhorse’s forecasting reports utilized historical data and upcoming transactions for informed decision-making, ensuring robust stock management.

Efficient Purchasing

Challenge: The client’s purchasing process relied on periodic orders and seasonal adjustments.

Solution: Workhorse automated the process by generating purchase orders based on minimum stock levels, allowing flexibility with Request for Proposal (RFP) creation for supplier negotiations.

Current Processes

Our client, facing operational challenges, transitioned from traditional methods to leverage the capabilities of Workhorse, replacing spreadsheets and manual processes.

Xero Integration

Workhorse seamlessly integrated with the client’s financial system, automating the transfer of invoices and purchase orders for streamlined reconciliation.

PDF Documents and Data Loads

Customizable PDF documents and simplified data loads using csv templates enhanced the efficiency of document generation and data import processes.


The onboarding process ensured a smooth transition, with estimated efforts for various modules, guaranteeing a swift adaptation to the Workhorse platform.


Workhorse’s flexibility allowed for effortless customization, introducing additional fields, validation, and reports without incurring extra charges.


With 2 hours of monthly support, our client leveraged Workhorse for configuration changes, process mapping, and addressing queries related to application functionality.


A monthly subscription, incorporating a base fee, user licenses, and additional integrations, along with implementation costs covering onboarding and extension services, delivered a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.


This case study exemplifies the universal applicability of Workhorse in addressing complex operational challenges. The seamless integration, adaptability, and robust support framework position Workhorse as a transformative solution for businesses seeking enhanced operational efficiency and competitiveness. If you are experiencing complexity within your business that is causing you a headache, please give us a call, or book in a time that suits you to have a chat.

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