Germany Says ‘Ja’ to Workhorse

04 Sep 2018

Workhorse announces new growth in Germany.

Fuelled by its first tranche of private investment earlier in 2018, Workhorse the productivity software for small businesses is now expanding its growth with new partnerships in Germany.

As a unique software solution for smaller businesses, Workhorse has been creating a great deal of excitement, simply because it does what it says on the tin: software built around an individual business, cost-effective monthly pricing and delivered in 2 weeks.

“Many people are surprised about what we can deliver for them in such as short space of time,” commented Alastair Badman, Workhorse’s Founder, ‘and that is simply just one of our USPs. The way we have built our system we can deliver a blueprint system to a business in just 2 weeks with no up-front costs. For smaller businesses with a keen eye on their cash flow, this is a massive benefit and takes away the risk and pain of transitioning their systems and enables them to gain the productivity that will really change their business for the better.”

And, it is not only Germany that is offering real growth to Workhorse’s pioneering approach to SaaS software.

“We’re really excited about the interest in Workhorse in Germany. This is just the first step. Wider partnership networks are in the pipeline with other European neighbours as well over the next year, added Alastair.

The private investment funding is really fuelling the next stage of our growth. The team has grown both on the technical and business development side. Watch this space!”

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