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All supplier information is available in this module. When you navigate to the supplier module, the first view you will see is the table view which shows a list of all of the suppliers you have entered in the system. See below:

Fig 19. Supplier – Display all records

When you click on a line record, the details of that supplier will display in full.
New suppliers can be created by clicking the Add New button in the top right-hand corner.

Fig 20. Supplier – Detailed display/Add

Enter the relevant information and click Save or Save and Add New if you are entering more than one supplier.

This table contains details of what all the Supplier details represent.
Name of table/area

Name of FieldMandatoryDescription
Supplier NameYThe Company Name of the Supplier
Contact First NameNContact First Name
Contact Last NameNContact Surname
PhoneNPhone Number
MobileNMobile Number
EmailNEmail Address
CountryNCountry – from a Dropdown
CurrencyDefaultsThe currency that you will pay the supplier in.
Payment TermsDropdownThe payment terms you’ve agreed with the Supplier.
Default Tax RateDefaultsThe tax rate for this supplier should it not be changed on a Purchase Order.
Xero RefNThe Xero Ref

The right-hand side of the screen allows you to enter Additional Information and upload files.

Fig 21. Suppliers – Additional Information

The Additional Information Internal Notes field can be used for whatever you like but it might be useful to add additional contacts here if there are any.

The Inactive flag indicates if this is a supplier with whom you no longer work.
Files can be used to upload any documentation pertaining to this supplier. For example, Supplier Agreements, terms of trade, etc.Note: Suppliers must be set up before you can send a purchase order for a product.