Malware – Avoiding the Nightmare

19 Nov 2019

Malware can cripple any big business, never mind the smaller organisation that doesn’t have the resources to manage a malware infection.  Vigilance is crucial – but the reality is we’re all human. 

Latest advice from the UK’s NCSC looks at how to protect yourself and your business.  It includes what malware and ransomware are, how it works and what to do and provides 7 top tips as follows:

What to do if you (or your organisation) has been infected with malware

If your organisation has already been infected with malware, these steps may help limit the impact of the infection.

  1. Immediately disconnect the infected computers, laptops or tablets from network.
  2. Turn off your Wi-Fi and unplug any ethernet or network carrying cables.
  3. Safely format or replace your disk drives and reinstall the OS.
  4. Connect the device to a clean network in order to download, install and update the OS and all other software.
  5. Install, update, and run antivirus software.
  6. Reconnect to your network.
  7. Monitor network traffic and run antivirus scans to identify if any infection remains.


Further advice from small businesses can be found in the NCSC’s small business guide here

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