Managing Contract Projects and Relationships in One Place

06 Nov 2018

Providing contract furnishings for businesses isn’t just about selling a product. It also means offering a service to your clients. You help them get the right look and feel for their business, whether it’s a trendy office space or a luxury hotel. You could be giving someone’s business a brand new personality, which means you have to be able to understand what they’re trying to achieve. Customer relationships are hugely important, and the quality of your project management services ties into how much your clients like you. Better project management does more than prevent your project managers getting in a tizz over disorganisation and delays. It also improves your customer service and customer relationships.

Offering project management to your contract furniture and furnishings clients makes a lot of sense. Your clients get both the products they need, and someone to take them through the journey of putting them in place. You can experience some big problems related to project management, though. Two key issues are the ability to communicate and collaborate as a team, as well as communicate with your clients. Poor communication can lead to disaster. Your client asks for one thing, your understanding is something different, and your team ends up delivering something different again. Being unable to collaborate properly gets your team into even more trouble, with no one knowing who’s doing what and what stage the project has reached.

Being able to manage your contract furnishings projects in one place can tackle these problems in one fell swoop. When you have custom productivity tools from Workhorse, you get all of the functionality you need to stay organised. Bring your whole team together so that project managers can more easily define and fulfil their goals for individual projects. With one simple dashboard, you can juggle multiple projects and their processes, from enquires and lead generation to timesheets and invoices. You can keep track of inventory and orders all from the same place.

Better project management and increased productivity leads to improved customer relationships too. Your clients are pleased by the efficiency with which you manage their furniture projects and deliver on your promises. CRM tools included in your bespoke productivity suite make customer relationship management simple from the very first contact that you have with each client. You just pick the features that you need and you can manage lead generation, customer contacts and communication with clients whose projects you’re currently completing.

Both project management and customer relationship management are easier when you can integrate any existing tools that you use with your new Workhorse dashboard. Integrate marketing platforms such as MailChimp to reach new customers and stay in touch with current clients too, as well as any project management tools you currently use. Whichever apps you need to use to manage your contract furnishing projects, get them integrated with your new tools so everything can work smoothly together. Combining a single suite of productivity tools with apps that you already use creates a smoother process for adopting new technology.

Your contract furnishings business needs the right tools to manage your projects and your clients. Improved productivity to deliver your projects more efficiently and maintain high standards for customer relationships.

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