Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are used to order stock from your suppliers. All purchase order information is available in this module. When you need to order stock from your suppliers, this is where to raise the Purchase Order and record delivery of the items when they arrive at your depot/factory. When the PO is complete, then the items ordered will show as stock or be despatched against past orders.

Fig 41 Purchase Order – Display

To see full details of a Purchase Order – click on the line of PO you wish to view and you’ll be able to see the full details:

Fig 42 Purchase Order – Full details


New Purchase Orders can be created by clicking the Add New button in the top right-hand corner of the display screen.

Fig 43 New Purchase Order

This table contains details of what all the purchase order fields represent.
Name of table/area

Purchase Orders
Name of Field Mandatory Description
PO Number Defaults Defaults to a system generated number when you save the record.
Supplier Y The company name of the supplier for the product(s) you wish to order.
Order Date Y Defaults to today’s date but can be changed using the date picker.
Required Date N The date by which you require the item(s).
Completed Date Defaults The date on which all of the order has been received. 
Status Defaults

Defaults to Draft. There are 6 statuses:

Draft – this does not update the On Order product quantity.Sent – this updates the On Order product quantity and allows you to record a Total received quantity against specific PO detail line.Part Complete (On Order) – this will automatically update when at least one line of Total Received Quantity (Qty) is entered on a PO detail line or part of the entries on one line.Part Complete (Cancelled) – this can be selected when some of the goods have been received but decision has been made not to receive the rest of the goods.Complete – All products have been received in full, then the stock quantity will increase and the on order decrease by the same amount.            This will either automatically change when all products are received (Total Received Qty entered) or it can be set to Complete and all the detail lines Total Received Qty will be updated to fully received.

Cancelled – PO not needed any more or created in error.

Tax Rate Y The tax rate to apply to this PO – selected from a dropdown of tax rates. Defaults from Supplier Tax Rate but can be changed.
Currency Y The currency of the supplier.
Carriage Charge N The amount (if any) of the carriage charge.
Total Cost Price Defaults The total cost price of the order. Defaults from the PO details.
Total Tax Defaults Total tax payable based on the total cost price and the tax rate.
Total PO Value Defaults Total PO value including tax.
Receive Stock Location Defaults Defaults to main and can be changed.
Direct Delivery Defaults Defaults from the order when the Direct Delivery flag has been set to Yes and the PO has been created from the order.
Delivery Contact N The contact at your factory or depot – defaults from Settings/Delivery Contact if there is one set there.
Delivery Address N The delivery address at your factory or depot – set in Settings/Delivery Address.
Delivery Instructions N Any additional instructions to the supplier.
Xero Ref Defaults Defaults if you are using Xero.


On the right-hand side of the screen you can see Internal Notes, Document Comments and Purchase Order Detail. 

In the Internal Notes field you can enter any notes of conversations etc that you have had with the supplier. The Purchase Order Detail area allows you to enter details of the products you wish to purchase.

Fig 44. Purchase Order Detail

This table contains details of what all the PO details fields represent:


Purchase Order Detail    
Name of Field Mandatory Description
Product N Select product from drop-down of all products available for that Supplier.
Non Stock Item N If you are ordering something you don’t usually order, something not on your stock list, then you can enter it as a non-stock item.
Quantity Y Number you would like to order.
Cost Price Defaults Price you are buying the stock for.  Defaults from Product/Supplier cost price in the currency for this supplier.
Line Total Y Quantity x Cost Price – this autofills when you tab past the quantity.
Tax Rate Y Tax applicable to those products.  From Dropdown.
Received Qty N Once the PO has status Sent, this field can be updated to record how much stock has been received.
Received Date  Defaults Date and time stock has been received


You can add more products to your purchase order by selecting Save and Add New or simply save the PO with one product on it.

As you receive the items on the order you can click into each line on the order to update the Received Qty field. Doing this will automatically update the order status to either Part Complete or Complete. If you receive part of the order and then cancel the rest of the order then you can select the status Part Complete (Cancelled).

Note: When the product is Serial Number Controlled (i.e you set Serial Number Controlled to yes when you set up the product) you need to enter the serial numbers for each product as they come into stock, see below what the Purchase Order Detail screen will look like in this case.

Fig 46 Serial Number Product


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