Simplify Your Sales Order Management On and Offline

21 Dec 2018

Managing your sales doesn’t have to be like trying to round up a dozen toddlers dizzy on lemonade. You need to keep your sales up, and to achieve that you might sell through multiple channels or offer a wide range of products. This can leave you juggling sales from all directions when things are going well. Of course, you don’t want your sales to decline, but you need a better way of handling everything so that you have more time to focus on other things. If your sales have become overwhelming to manage, a bespoke software solution can help you to get a handle on everything – and fast.

Order Processing Made Easy

Processing your orders becomes much easier with a custom software solution such as Workhorse. You get an order management system designed just for your business, instead of having to rely on off-the-shelf software. When you buy pre-packaged, downloadable solutions, you can often end up trying to get your business to fit around the functionality offered. But as they’re designed as generic solutions, many businesses find them lacking for the specific needs of their business. A custom software solution is designed just for you, taking into account how your business operates and where your sales come from.

One of the issues that many modern businesses face is that of combining online and offline sales. If you sell online but also still have a brick-and-mortar high street store, trying to keep both revenue streams straight isn’t always simple. To complicate things further, you might have several different online sales channels, including your own website and third-party channels too. With a bespoke solution from you can bring all of these together so that you can manage them in one place. If you sell through Amazon, eBay, your own website and a physical shop, you no longer have to constantly check on several different sales streams, saving time and making inventory and despatch far easier to track and to meet deadlines.

Billing, Payments and Your Accounting Software Linked

As well as processing orders, payment processing and management and reconciliation with the accounts and bank can often be an unwieldy administrative task. The right software solution should make it simple to stay on top of invoicing, billing and payments. Workflow automation and slick integrations mean you don’t miss a trick when it comes to cash flow and with your system connected to  payment platforms, point-of-sale and your accounting software, everything is finally integrated in one place, creating a seamless workflow that makes tracking your finances easier.

A Smooth-Running Business from End-to-End

One business management system to manage your sales also makes, order tracking, inventory management, despatch and purchasing much easier by keeping better track of what’s selling, what you have in your warehouse and what you need to re-order.  Many systems can stop here but real efficiencies are made for small businesses when the whole business is managed from one place including your CRM, suppliers, lead generation, resource scheduling, tasks, project management,  timesheets, reporting and much more.

Where Workhorse is different is it brings you solutions that fit your business, designed around your needs. Where many bespoke software companies take months to deliver a system which creates a lot of pain for a small business, Workhorse delivers your blueprint system in just two weeks for you to try before you buy with no contract and no upfront payment.  Why try to fit your business around the software, instead of the other way around?

Ready to transform your inventory management?

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