Air Social

Air Social were frustrated by the limitations of off-the-shelf software that didn’t meet their needs.

Who is Air Social?

Air Social, is a digital marketing agency based in Guildford and Norwich with a mission to build brands through the creation of bespoke, integrated marketing packages media. As a business, they were frustrated by the limitations of off-the-shelf software that simply didn’t meet their own bespoke needs to operate more efficiently. Like most businesses, lead generation is vital, but for AirSocial, even more so as they also provide the service to their clients.

They work with many exciting local businesses such as Juniper Green Organic Gin and Seymours Estate Agents, for whom they curated an award-winning marketing campaign in 2016.

The Workhorse solution for Air Social

The Workhorse solution provided a system which not only meant that no lead was overlooked but also allowed them to track client hours, set and complete tasks and more adding to business efficiency but without being overloaded by unnecessary functionality.

“Our new business application, built for us by Workhorse. has been tailored to match our business, rather than force us to adapt to generic software. The system they have provided us with does precisely what we need it to do. For example, we can track new and completed tasks, assign and re-assign roles and keep up with each other’s meetings. As we work with many clients, being able to assign hours is very useful and being able to log hours spent on certain clients is absolutely essential to the way we bill them.

Many systems for small business come ready-made with a huge amount of unnecessary functionality that a compact team such as ours simply doesn’t require. With this, the applications often become unwieldy and a system designed to organise a company may actually make matters more complicated. Our new application from Workhorse has everything we need to run our business without us being overwhelmed by a lot of unnecessary functionality.”

“Being able to log hours spent on certain clients is absolutely essential.”

— Air Social

Slick lead generation processes

“As a company that specialises in lead generation, it is also important that none of our own leads is ever dropped. Our new application also tracks all this information that is so vital to our business. This level of organisation makes sure every lead is followed up, and nothing gets forgotten.”

The secret to Air Social’s success

On top of all these benefits, having a custom-made system means that if our business changes we have the ability to call up and alter the system. It is customisable and will grow with us, as our own business grows. It also avoids some main pitfalls of generic, off-the-shelf applications.

The system that Workhorse has built for us has exactly what we need and nothing more, no cumbersome interface where you have to go through multiple screens to process transactions. With Workhorse there is no refreshing, no scrolling up and down, minimal transactions from screen to screen – yet it delivers the same service.”

So next time you’re wondering what the secret to Air Social’s success is…well, it’s a secret. But you can be sure their fantastic application, delivered by Workhorse, plays a big part in the smooth functioning of their company!

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