Brown Bag Crisps

Workhorse’s Automation Empowers Brown Bag Crisps’ Growth and Streamlines Operations

From a small factory to a global brand

At Brown Bag Crisps, the journey from a small factory to a globally recognised brand has been a testament to relentless growth and the inherent need for adaptability. As Phil Lamb, the founder of Brown Bag Crisps, reflects on the brand’s evolution over the past decade, it’s clear that the pivotal partnership with Workhorse brought about transformative changes in their operational efficiency and scalability.

The Challenge

Brown Bag Crisps experienced a steady and promising growth trajectory, expanding its customer base worldwide by 20-30% annually. However, with this expansion came the pressing need to reevaluate their internal processes. Initially reliant on spreadsheets, the company encountered challenges as the business outgrew this manual system. The limitations of spreadsheets hindered their ability to effectively track data, manage operations, and ensure accuracy. Mistakes were becoming costly, jeopardising profitability and sustainability.

One of the wonderful things about Workhorse, is that the process of setting up and creating an order, sending that order to the warehouse, is now fully automated. So, the time it takes to process orders has been reduced by 60 – 70%’.”

— Phil Lamb| Founder| Brown Bag Crisps

The Workhorse Solution

Recognising the necessity for a streamlined and automated system, Brown Bag Crisps sought the expertise of Workhorse. The pivotal moment was the meeting with Alastair and Sarah (Founder & CEO and Head of Operations respectively), where the team at Workhorse not only offered a solution but instilled confidence in their ability to adapt and customise the system to meet the unique needs of Brown Bag Crisps.

The transition to Workhorse’s automated platform revolutionised the company’s operations. Automation significantly reduced the time required to process orders by an impressive 60-70%. The implementation of a visual guide to monitor the status of orders became a game-changer for the team, enhancing customer service by enabling swift responses and proactive issue resolution.

Customised KPIs and Streamlined Operations

Workhorse’s ability to provide customised Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) was instrumental for Brown Bag Crisps. A bespoke dashboard was created, offering comprehensive insights into daily, weekly, and monthly sales figures, as well as real-time profit margins for each order. This eliminated the arduous task of sifting through multiple spreadsheets for critical financial information, saving valuable time and resources.

The flexibility within Workhorse’s system was highlighted by its seamless ability to handle multiple brands and warehouses. As Brown Bag Crisps gears up to launch a new brand, Workhorse’s adaptability in managing different dispatch notes and warehouse requirements has provided them with the assurance of scalability and readiness for a doubling of orders in the coming months.

Results and Future Readiness

The collaborative efforts between Brown Bag Crisps and Workhorse have not only resolved immediate operational challenges but also instigated a deeper reflection on their processes and methodologies. The partnership prompted the company to reconsider their operations, resulting in a significant improvement in efficiency and preparedness for future growth.

As Brown Bag Crisps readies itself for the imminent launch of a new product line, the automation and customisations facilitated by Workhorse have positioned them to handle a substantial increase in orders, enabling the company to maintain its upward trajectory without compromising on quality or customer service.


The success story of Brown Bag Crisps stands as a testament to the transformative impact of embracing innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of a growing business. The collaboration with Workhorse not only streamlined operations but also ignited a re-evaluation of processes, resulting in an organisation that is more efficient, responsive, and poised for sustained growth in a competitive market.

This case study embodies the power of adaptability and automation in enabling businesses to evolve and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

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