Divorce Lifeline

Divorce Lifeline needed a way to move away from manual processes. The Workhorse cloud-based software was the right fit.

Before Workhorse, Divorce Lifeline dealt with all their enquiries manually.

The name, email address and preferred time to call back were noted on a paper form. The forms were then filed alphabetically. Not only was this a time-consuming exercise, but there were also many opportunities where the process could fail. Forms were misfiled and call back times were missed.

After implementing Workhorse, alerts are created that schedule calls and allocate them to a member of staff. No more missed enquiries and significant cost and efficiency benefits have resulted.

Manual processes were slowing Divorce Lifeline down

Having tried unsuccessfully to use Excel and knowing that an off the shelf system would cost too much and be overkill, Tony was very interested to hear from the owner of Air Social about how Workhorse had been the lifeline for them.

“We needed a simple system for logging and monitoring website enquiries.”

Tony Derbyshire | Director | Divorce Lifeline

What Divorce Lifeline needed

“We explained to the team at Workhorse what we needed and within 2 weeks we had our system up and running.

The quality of service has been amazing. Workhorse’s customer service team are always at the end of the phone and if we email them with a change it’s done immediately.”

Workhorse for Divorce Lifeline

As a result of the new system, clients are always contacted at the time they requested, because Workhorse creates an alert that schedules and allocates the call to a member of staff.

After the call is completed the next stage (call back, claim or no claim) is logged in Workhorse. Compared to the old manual system, this has saved at least 5 minutes per call, which is the equivalent of a day saved each month

“Now that we have Workhorse in place we plan to increase our advertising in the knowledge that we have a system that can cope with the increase of enquiries.”

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If you can relate to the snagging points suffered by Divorce Lifeline, give Workhorse a try.