Orion LP

Orion LP delivers lightening fast projects with the help of Workhorse

Orion LP’s challenge

Founded in 2005, Orion LP is a growing business delivering lightning protection systems across the United Kingdom from its base in Littlehampton. A family-led business with over 20 members of staff, Orion LP is a specialist in providing lightning protection to all buildings or structures, specialist earthing systems, surge protection and comprehensive maintenance.

With growing demand, keeping an overview of all activity in the business can be a challenge. Like many businesses, Orion LP had already attempted to solve this with digital tools.

Orien needed some light on their business data

“We were frustrated about the lack of visibility across the business. We had implemented Access Databases to improve processes but in the end, we had 6 databases, all providing the same information at different stages. We were going round in circles, and I was spending 2-3 days every month collating financial reports for the business so I could have an overview on where we were business-wise. We needed something much simpler and easier,” said Orion’s Managing Director, Jason Harfield.

“Because of the way Workhorse is built, it was up-and-running in 3 weeks including testing!”

Tom Harfield | Orion LP

How Workhorse helped Orion

Workhorse sat down with Orion’s directors and mapped out how Workhorse could mirror their processes in the most productive way to build a field management system unique to the company’s needs. Their Workhorse system was built to include a CRM, quoting, order fulfilment, job management and billing.

As an end-to-end system from enquiry management through to billing, Workhorse enables the business to track complete projects through one system and provide the reporting that was previously taking them days to do every, single month.

Like any business, Orion LP were concerned about any downtime or disruption that could be caused by installing a new system.

Workhorse got a system up and running in 3 weeks

“We took it a bit on trust,” commented Jason, “we are all used to software providers taking months to deliver a system and the transition not being easy but because of the way Workhorse is built, it was up-and-running in 3 weeks including testing!”

To further empower their reporting and to ensure all data was held securely in one system, post-implementation, Workhorse also undertook a data conversion project to bring over all their historic data.

“The CRM has saved our office staff on average a whole day out of the week for everyone compiling information. We are now able to see with a click of a button how we are doing on sales, check how much profit we are making and locate any quotation within minutes.

With less time spent on gathering information we are now able to focus our time on providing a better service for our customers and getting more work. The ability to have all of our information in one place, really helps to keep everyone in the loop and means we can provide a more accurate and knowledgeable service.

Workhorse have been very helpful throughout the process and always responded to our questions either within the same day or next.” Tom Harfield.

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