The Simple Way to Get a CRM that Works for You

11 Jan 2019

Any modern marketing team needs a customer relationship management system but so too does the wider business. CRM software makes customer relationship management simple, giving you the tools that you need to handle it all in one place. We all need a little help from technology to make human interaction easier at busy times. CRM systems meet the needs of businesses across a variety of fields, but finding the right one for your organisation and the way you work, isn’t always as simple as you want it to be. When you first start looking for the right system, you’ll likely come across a choice of off-the-shelf software, ready-to-use and with a broad range of features. However, these ready-made solutions are often not suitable for a growing company with individual needs and their customisation is often limited without specialist help.

Off-the-Shelf CRM

When you choose an off-the-shelf CRM system, it could work for you for a certain amount of time. Before long, though, you can discover that it’s not really what you’re looking for. Your business is unique, and it only continues to develop into a more individual company as it expands. Prefab CRM software can present a host of problems owing to customisation limitations when you try to make it work for your business. One issue that many of our clients have come up against is the fact that their CRM system can work well for their marketing team but not for the rest of the business making order processing clunky and inefficient.

A CRM that Works for The Whole Business

If your CRM system isn’t useful for everyone across the business, you may have considered tailoring it to meet your needs. This can prove to be difficult and costly, often requiring a specialist to help. We have had clients who have been attempting to make the necessary changes for a year or more and still haven’t managed to adapt a standard CRM system to their needs – even with the help of a specialist consultant! This approach ends up being a waste of time and money and still failing to produce a successful solution. Some common problems include not having the features you need, wasting money on functionality you don’t require and modules that don’t mirror the way you work, for example for project or order management. Many, do not integrate effectively with other tools that you use making your CRM is disconnected from the rest of your business. If even other sales and marketing apps aren’t working well with your CRM, it has very limited usefulness.

The Custom Approach to CRM

Customising your CRM solution doesn’t need to be so difficult. With Workhorse, a bespoke system is not only achievable, it’s also affordable and easy. We give you one dashboard to work from, bringing not just your CRM but also other areas of your business into one place. Integrate your CRM tools with other sales channels from Amazon, to high street and your own website; to MailChimp and lead generation apps. Tie in your accounting and finance tools, scheduling, field management and any other important areas of your company. Keep all of your data in one place so that you can easily access any information that you need without duplicating anything or getting mixed up and have the reports you need in one place – and fast.

Customisation and one end-to-end system saves you significant amounts of time and delivers superior customer service, enabling you to manage your customer relationships better. With a Workhorse system, your features and modules are chosen just for you and with endless possibilities for integration, you can make the system fit your business instead of the other way around.

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