The Workhorse Solution for Small Businesses

17 Jun 2020

Small businesses should have access to the same kind of software benefits as big businesses, but without the high price tag – that’s the Workhorse philosophy, and it’s what makes us different. Where small businesses grapple with off-the-shelf software to serve their order management needs, Workhorse offer a best-fit solution, giving small businesses the tools they need to run smoothly.

The Workhorse solution

We understand what small businesses need, and what they don’t. Our platform is built to make life easier for small businesses by providing them with the best fit order and inventory management solutions at a price they can afford. For most small businesses, platforms such as SAP are often too complex, overwhelming them with tools they don’t use. These unnecessary functions crowd the platform, making them overwhelming and clunky. Workhorse offer an alternative – a fully customisable platform based on a standard template, allowing businesses to tailor the software to their needs, and leaving out the rest.

Big transformation for small businesses

SME’s make up 99% of the UK’s business landscape, yet small businesses are still poorly served by the IT sector.  Many order and inventory management platforms offer comprehensive solutions for big businesses, but don’t have an effectively scaled down, or affordable offer for SMEs. The result? Small businesses having to choose between an off-the-shelf product that doesn’t fit their needs, or a bespoke system they can’t afford. Workhorse’s system offers a solution, with a customisable software designed to fit small businesses.

How do we deliver it? Our mission is made possible through use of AWS cloud platform, which allows us to deliver our applications at a cost which small businesses can afford. Because of this, our software can be integrated with other function-specific software, like Xero and HubSpot, to help small businesses run smoothly. It’s this way of operating that allows Workhorse to harness the benefits of integrated applications that were previously only available to big enterprises and make them available to SMEs.

Streamlining for small businesses

It’s more crucial now than ever for businesses to effectively streamline their processes, creating a leaner way of working. Workhorse empower small businesses by facilitating this transformation, giving them the tools, they need to work smarter.

It’s easier to work faster and make less mistakes when you have all the tools you need and aren’t being slowed down by the ones you don’t. Workhorse speed up order and inventory management for small businesses by creating a personalised, automated hub for their business, working with them to tailor the software precisely to their needs.

Read our latest case studies and discover how Workhorse has increased business productivity and streamlined processes for a wealth of SMEs throughout the UK.

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