Why Settle for Poor Fit? How Bespoke Software Gives You More

29 Jan 2019

Picking an off-the-shelf software system for your business is an easily available option and has become a popular choice. However, whether it’s a good choice is another question. A readymade software package could work out for a while, but many companies find out pretty soon that it’s not the right solution for them. Using off-the-shelf software can be like wearing an off-the-rack suit – it’s fine, but it’s not perfect. The longer you use it, the more you realise that it’s a poor fit for your business.

True Customisation to Fit the Way You Work

With off-the-shelf software and apps, the customisation you need is rarely there.  They are made generic on purpose, to reach more people with a solution that ‘works’ but it may not not work like you do.  Just like a suit that’s too tight across the back and under the arms, you have no room to move the way you want and if it doesn’t fit perfectly now, it certainly won’t in the future as your business changes and develops more muscle. The good news is, is that Cloud software has created the opportunity to create systems that are adapted to your unique business without the bank-breaking cost of big business software solutions.  SaaS makes it simple and easy.  Most SaaS solutions still provide the generic software model, even if it is a specific solution for the pain point in your business.  New generation business software like Workhorse enables customisation and scalability, even if you start with one module you can grow and add modules and design a system that reflects your processes and needs in one place and not in multiple software solutions. Off-the-shelf software that doesn’t quite tick the boxes can end up being a waste of money when it turns out not to be fit for purpose or adopted by your teams.

Get Complete Oversight

Off-the-shelf software systems are usually designed to do one specific set of tasks. You might purchase one piece of software for accounting, another for managing sales and yet another for customer relationship management. Some of these might link up and talk to each other, but it’s unlikely that the connection will be perfect. A bespoke solution allows you to create a system that includes new features and seamlessly links with other software, leaving no holes in your processes with one workflow automation. The result? Time savings, fewer errors, one system and a complete oversight of everything that you need to manage.

Speed of Delivery

Some businesses have been hesitant to source a bespoke software solution for their company because historically it has been a pain to the business to implement.  It might have taken months of scoping and development, then you have implementation and adoption.  Before you know it, you’ve been waiting months or even a year or more to get the solution you need and the budget will have probably stepped into the tens of thousands. Again Cloud and SaaS software step in, enabling new software implementations to be far faster, with a high level of customisation, without compromising on quality. By comparison, Workhorse will have your system ready to test in just two weeks. And faster delivery doesn’t have to mean paying more, either. Workhorse delivers via a subscription model with pricing that is designed to be in step with SME budgets.  Bespoke solutions had traditionally been costly but businesses no longer have to pay the equivalent of a manager’s salary to gain a system that keeps their business running smoothly.

Update and Adjust to Stay Up-to-Date

When you invest your money in off-the-shelf software or apps, moving with the times can become difficult and costly, quite often meaning you have to change systems. The developer might release occasional updates, but is likely to stop doing that eventually.  In-house bespoke systems fare even worse as updates can’t be made automatically which could make your system less stable and secure over time.   Cloud technology enables not only bespoke development but also an easy way to continue to adapt your system and stay up-to-date with the latest version so that you don’t outgrow your software and you maintain the best cyber security possible.

For one-off requirements, or micro businesses, off-the-shelf software can provide improvements in the way you work in your business.  Technology developments now mean that once your forecast growth takes root, you can now have a way to make sure your internal processes and systems are flexible and grow with you.  Choosing a bespoke software suit, designed to fit you like a glove, will have you cut out for success.

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