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Accelerating SME Growth through SaaS applications

Register to attend a live webinar with Workhorse CEO and Founder, Alastair Badman. 
Date: Wednesday, 15th September
Time: 14:00 – 15:00 pm


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15th September 2021 at 2pm

Are you managing your business on Excel?

  • Workhorse is simple to use and easy to implement
  • A multi-user, cloud-based, single source of data for your business
  • One integrated application for all the functions in your business
  • Eliminate wasted effort and duplicated data
  • Get time back to focus on your business

Our customers say…

Everything was manual… there were real snagging points. Before, everyone was doing everything manually, writing an invoice, taking a picture from the website. The way Workhorse does things is 4 times as fast.

Jack Hamson, Operations Manager HOWE London.

The strongest argument for Workhorse is definitely having clean and consistent data that allows us to make better decisions. That, plus the efficiency gains, means that Workhorse is now an integral part of our business.

Rolf Giesbert, Managing Director Industriepark Giesbert

The simplicity of Workhorse, and the fact that it is configurable, has increased productivity throughout the company as well as improving visibility.

Tony Deegan, Director at DG Glass

It allows us to see everything in one system. I was amazed at how quick it was to set it up.

Jamie Rothwell, Managing Director Hotbox Storage Ltd

Workhorse is now at the heart of the progress of the company, it’s a game-changer. We’ve built an entire system around Workhorse and it’s become our central hub.

Daniel Evans, GT Products