Workhorse + Xero: A Partnership to Help Small Business Thrive

05 Mar 2019

Small businesses are at the heart of not only the UK economy but also globally.  SMEs comprise the significant majority of businesses around the world but traditionally have tended not to be properly served by software companies keen to make the big blue chip buck.

Workhorse is a specialist small business software, designed for SMEs to give them the tools and flexibility to grow without breaking the bank.  As a business, our goal is to help shape the future of small business software, making the kind of systems big business use, more accessible to all levels of the market.

Xero Developer Partners

Right from Workhorse’s inception, we have proudly developed with Xero. Xero has been a game-changer for small businesses providing a SaaS solution that has made them leaders in cloud accounting in the UK market.  Their ethos of ‘helping small businesses thrive worldwide’ is something Workhorse subscribes to wholeheartedly – and its exceptional software.

Xero now services 1.58m subscribers worldwide and 16,000 accounting firms.  As a growing business with customers across the globe, via the developer API, Workhorse is able to easily integrate new systems with existing Xero customers, wherever they may be.  Xero’s flexibility and ease of use has led to many of Workhorse’s clients to transition to Xero for their accounting needs.

As Xero Developer Partners, Workhorse clients can be confident of consistency, streamlined integration and with both Xero and Workhorse operating via AWS (Amazon Web Servers), clients are assured the highest quality security principles for their data, 24/7/365.

Are you a Xero Client considering implementing improved systems in your business? Speak to us to find out how we can create simple, powerful software designed around how your business works.

Find out more about Workhorse and Xero here.

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