Workhorse’s approach to onboarding: turning users into “super users”

07 Sep 2022

Like most businesses, you’ve probably realised that spreadsheets aren’t cutting it anymore for order and inventory management. They become complicated over time, don’t offer much oversight, and are just plain clunky when it comes down to it. 

So, businesses often seek out enterprise-level order and inventory management platforms to help them modernise their processes. The problem with this solution is that platform providers often leave you with a complicated piece of software and little in the way of onboarding and support. 

Luckily for you, that’s not how we do things at Workhorse. We know that you might not be the most tech-savvy of managers — and that’s ok because that’s not your job. It’s ours. 

In today’s post, we’ll look at how Workhorse onboards new customers, giving them everything they need to confidently transition to our solution for good. 

From users to super users

We want to change our way of thinking about our customers. Rather than having “users” at Workhorse, we want all our customers to be “super users”. If you don’t feel like a super user, don’t worry — our goal is to turn you into a super user with our onboarding process. That way, you can move forward with confidence. 

One point of contact

One of the key ways we turn our users into super users is by providing them with a single point of contact. You get one Workhorse expert to guide you on your way, and they will be your point of contact for as long as you need them. 

This means you don’t have to worry about being bounced from one of our staff members to the next, answering the same questions repeatedly. Our expert will learn your needs thoroughly and show you the best way to use the Workhorse platform to meet those needs. 

This expert is your account manager, and they’re assigned to you as soon as you sign up for Workhorse. They’ll walk you through every step of the onboarding process. 

The onboarding process involves going through workshops, troubleshooting, and anything else that we (or you) feel will help you become a Workhorse super user. 

Answers when you need them

Worried that you might need your account manager even after the onboarding process? No need to worry, because they’ll always be available to you. You can reach out to them at any time with any questions you may have. 

And if your account manager doesn’t have the answer you’re looking for, they’ll know who does. They can quickly put you in touch with a real person at Workhorse to solve your problem. 

It’s customer support that feels like personal support. You’ll always have a real person to talk to, like Dan, to address any needs you might have today, tomorrow, and beyond. 

This level of always-on customer support is what helps give Workhorse users a feeling of control and confidence when using the Workhorse platform. There’s never any fear of a problem taking down your workflows or confusing your staff members. 

Tech support that doesn’t feel tech-y

In addition to providing personalised customer support, Workhorse offers tech support that doesn’t feel tech-y. We know that some of our users are less than tech-savvy, and we’ve even had customers moving to Workhorse from pen and paper record-keeping. 

That’s a big change! And it’s one of the many reasons our tech support isn’t going to overwhelm you with jargon and techno-babble. We use everyday language to make sure you’re actually learning how to use Workhorse. 

Championing your people

A strategy that we’ve found has worked great for our users is to make one of your team members your Workhorse champion. That means one person from your team will undergo the onboarding process for Workhorse and then act as your in-house Workhorse expert.

This person will receive one-on-one training until they’re a Workhorse pro. Then, they’ll help the rest of your team get the hang of the platform, answering questions they’ve already had answered. 

It’s a great way to speed up the onboarding process and ensure that you have expertise in your own office. And it turns all your team members into Workhorse super users along the way! 

Trusted support advisors when you need them

So far, we’ve covered all the onboarding that Workhorse will work through with your team. This is crucial because it sets you up for success with the Workhorse platform. 

However, we know that onboarding is just the first step. Over time, you will run into issues, questions, or simple curiosity. Whenever this happens, our team members will be one call or email away. 

You can access our trusted advisors at any point, whether it’s the day after you’ve been onboarded or years later. We’ll work with you anytime to help you answer questions, solve problems, and assure success.

Add in the Workhorse features you need whenever you need them

We’ve found that new Workhorse users tend to be conservative when choosing the features they want to be included with their configuration of Workhorse. And that’s totally fine! It’s a great way to learn the platform, cut costs, and ensure that you aren’t overwhelmed by features you aren’t using. 

But once you know the ropes, you’ll probably start wondering what else Workhorse can do for your business. That’s where Workhorse really shines. 

You can add Workhorse features to your configuration of the platform whenever you want, expanding it to meet your needs at any time. And of course, whenever you add new features, we’ll teach you how to use them just like we did when you first became a Workhorse user. 

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