How is Legacy Software Limiting Your Business Operations?

12 Feb 2019

Most software solutions don’t last forever. The vendor will make updates for at least a few years, and you’ll need to install them. But at some point, they will release a new version or perhaps even stop making the software altogether. Even traditional bespoke software isn’t free from the problems that come with keeping it updated. Software needs to be up-to-date if you want it to remain secure, as well as functional. However, when you have custom software built for you, you won’t just get a mass-released update. If the software is bespoke, the updates need to be bespoke too, right?

But what if there is a way to have bespoke software that meets your needs, and doesn’t have the update and security problems that usually come with bespoke solutions? New cloud software approaches enable you to have the best of both worlds.  The customisation you need to help your business run smoothly, combined with the power of Cloud, using unique code to update your bespoke software quickly and automatically, ensuring you always have the latest version of your system.

What’s the Problem with the Traditional Bespoke Software Model?

The problem with traditional bespoke software is that it’s not dynamic. It’s built to fit your business, but only at the exact time that it’s created. While it could work perfectly at the point of delivery, you could soon find issues arising. For example, perhaps your software has been designed to integrate with your preferred accounting application. Everything works well, but when that application receives its next update, is it still going to communicate with your bespoke software as well as it first did?

Functionality isn’t the only concern when it comes to keeping your bespoke software up to date. It’s essential to consider security too. Software that isn’t updated regularly can be left with huge vulnerabilities, which are then open to being exploited by anyone trying to gain access to your system. It’s vital that you protect your company’s data and that you keep any sensitive customer data secure too. Neglecting your software’s security could mean leaked data, lost money and time, damage to your business’s reputation and lost clients.

Bespoke but Different

If bespoke software is built to fit your business like a glove, Workhorse is built like a stretchy glove that moves to accommodate changes as your business grows and external factors change.

Workhorse delivers a bespoke software solution that uses the cloud, meaning it’s hosted on a remote server and available to access from anywhere. Using a cloud solution means that you don’t need to manually install updates or wait for bespoke updates to be created to fit your software. We use unique code that updates and patches your software to ensure excellent security and functionality at all times.

The beauty of Workhorse is its modular architecture which means clients benefit from a system that has all the bespoke functions they need (and nothing more) that’s delivered quickly and at a fraction of the cost of the traditional approach.  With a software solution from Workhorse, you will save money on an on-going basis too. You don’t need to ask for custom updates and patches for your software. Everything just happens automatically while you get on with other things, saving time for everyone, and reducing your costs.

It’s time to leave legacy software behind and benefit from the dynamic nature of a cloud-based bespoke software solution. Workhorse doesn’t just create your custom software and then abandon you. Your bespoke solution benefits from updates and support, with everything you need included in your subscription.

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