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Tax Rates

There are 16 pre-existing tax rates in the system. These should cover all the tax rates you need to operate in the UK. If you are operating overseas then you can add your own tax rates and delete those that don’t apply.

Edit Tax Rates

To add a new Tax Rate, click the Add New button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Add Tax Rate details and click Save. You can also disable one of the existing Tax Rates by setting the Disabled? button to Yes. To edit a Tax Rate line, click on the one you wish to change, make the changes and Save. (See the Tax Rates table below for information about how to populate each field).

Tax Rates field explanations

Field Mandatory? Description
Tax Rate Name Y The name of the tax you are entering.
Tax Rate Y The value of the tax in %. This must be entered in numbers.
Xero Code N Populate the Xero Code if you would like your Workhorse application to integrate with Xero.
Expenses N Is this a tax on expenses? i.e. incoming goods.
Income N Is this a tax on income?
Disabled Y Is this tax still in use? Only set this to Y for obsolete taxes.

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