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User Access

The User Access section of the Users record allows you to configure which modules each User has access to, and what rights they have within each module. 

View or edit User Access


To be able to view or edit User Access, you’ll need to have appropriate user access to the Settings module.

In the top right-hand side of the User Record, you can see User Access. Click anywhere on the box to expand it. This is where you define which modules a User has access to. Click the + New button to add a module.


You must ensure the User record is saved before you can add modules under User Access. This is the same for all other modules that have sections within them.

Now select the first module you would like to give them access to from the drop-down.

Then, select what Access Type they should have for this module. There are four types of access:

  • Full – Can view, create, edit and delete
  • Edit and Add New – Can view, create and edit
  • Edit – Can view and edit
  • View – View only
  • None – No rights


We strongly recommend giving Users no higher than Edit and Create New. Deleting records can be dangerous so if necessary, the Super User could delete. The Super User could have Full rights if you feel there is an occasional need to delete records. They would also have access to the Settings module, so they can add Users, re-set passwords and edit Lists.

If you set the Enable Export to Yes, you will give the User the ability to download data to CSV for that module. Once this is set you will see a Download button in the module, in the top-right hand corner next to the Add New button.

Restricted Field/Restricted Value fields are used if you would like to restrict the User to only see certain records on the page. Usually, these fields will remain blank.

Now Save or Save and Add New if you would like to give the User access to other modules as well.

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