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Bisley’s UK resellers team increases productivity with Workhorse

About Bisley

Established for over 50 years, Bisley UK are the UK’s leading quality office furniture brand and the UK’s largest steel, office furniture manufacturer. Keen innovators, Bisley have always had a culture of investing in quality products and storage, as well as introducing products to suit the evolving work environment. With the help of Workhorse, Bisley UK’s reseller team took that innovation stance and looked at their internal systems, in order to improve their sales process.

Improving processes for increased productivity

Like most businesses, sales processes had organically developed over time, resulting in everyday tasks being spread across multiple systems, including manual data input into spreadsheets which was then uploaded onto their Sage CRM. Bisley UK was keen to find a more efficient system that sped up processes, improved the team’s efficiency; reduced mistakes and importantly, enabled them to see their pipeline metrics clearly which could then be easily communicated data across wider teams in the business.

“Our experience is that Workhorse has enabled us to be more consistent and productive.”

Mike Dye | Director of Sales | Bisley UK

Everything Bisley needed, all in one place

Key to the project, was centralising the team’s data but that was only part of the process improvement. Working from one, single database meant that all customer enquiries and orders were held in one place. Every team member was now able follow one order fulfilment and project management process through from initial enquiry, to quoting, purchasing, delivery and finally, billing.

In the design sector it’s common that each client’s requirements are unique for each order. The Workhorse system allows members of the team to log bespoke requirements, so all the order fulfilment details are held in one place. The product catalogue also helps the company manage stock, allocate jobs and track their progress.

‘Mike Dye, Director of Sales, commented, “Workhorse has improved the vision for his Sales team and I’m keen to see the change in how knowledge is shared between the Customer Services office and the Sales Showroom. Our experience is that Workhorse has enabled us to be more consistent and productive, enabling us to provide a quicker and cleaner process that improves the client experience.”

Smoother workflows save over £100k per annum

Workhorse is now implemented in 4 Bisley divisions (Evaclite, Two, Dealer+ and SPR) resulting in considerable cost-savings across the group of over £100k. As a modular, deeply customisable system, Workhorse is implemented fast, often in just weeks; even with significant workflow automation. And its Workhorse’s fast and powerful customisation that has driven these savings for the business.

“It’s exciting how quickly the software can be adapted and it’s impressive with the amount of editing/change that can be done in-house,” added Dye.

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