Small Businesses Need More

24 Oct 2018

Last week, Workhorse exhibited at We Do Business Croydon, an event targeted at smaller businesses based in the local area who are looking to grow their businesses and make themselves more efficient. This is what we learnt from businesses in Croydon.


The business-owners and start-ups were really passionate about their businesses and for their parts there is no lack of drive to build their companies but building a small business can be both inspiring and at times overwhelming with the number of tasks that have to be done.


It’s the processes that grow organically that can often be a challenge because without ‘gardening’ they can grow out of control. This was certainly the feedback that business coaches we spoke to were giving about the clients they work with who were looking for new, cost-effective ways to help their clients run their businesses more efficiently, saving them time to address business growth – or just have a break. The thought of having one place, like Workhorse’s dashboard to have a full overview of their business and reports at a click of a button rather than trawling through multiple systems and spreadsheets, really resonated with busy business owners and coaches.


Companies know that in order to grow, they have to invest but there are two clear sticking points for many SMEs, it’s not just money they are trying to best allocate (and cashflow is of course, king) but also time has a massive impact. For many, if they had more time, they would have more budget because they create more business and this is the vicious circle many business are caught in. Gaining time is a critical factor for business growth.


In business, it has become expected that any technology change will be onerous and take valuable time (and money!) that small business owners don’t really have. Some even feed back that they would prefer to stay how they are (even though they don’t have the systems they want) because of the pain of changing over. People visiting our stand were surprised at what Workhorse could offer at such a cost-effective price. We weren’t, as it is exactly this problem we’re solving AND bringing the benefits of big business software to SMEs without the pain. Our proprietary software enables us to build YOUR system, bespoke to your business in 2 weeks with no upfront cost and you only pay if you decide Workhorse is for you and at a manageable monthly cost.

Workhorse is next on tour at the Southampton B2Bexpo on the 15th November 2018. Register to meet us there and find out more about how we can help your business!

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