Home Delivery Specialists ltd

Working with several businesses and managing a fleet of delivery vehicles means a lot to juggle when it comes to order management.

Before Workhorse

Home Delivery Specialists Ltd are a unique business offering flatpack furniture delivery to the nursery industry. As a company working with several businesses and managing a fleet of delivery vehicles, they have a lot to juggle when it comes to order management.

Before adopting the Workhorse order management system, Home Delivery Specialists were relying on spreadsheets to keep things in check. Their spreadsheet system was used for order tracking, as well as to communicate with customers.

All processes were manual- when it came to communicating with customers, a text would be copy-and-pasted, before being manually sent to each customer. This way of doing things slowed them down and made it easy for things to slip through the cracks.

The Workhorse transformation

Prior to Workhorse, Home Delivery Specialists had a 2-van fleet- and had a limited capacity on orders they were able to fulfil. “We’ve been able to scale up” says Samuel Hinchliffe, MD of Home Deliver Specialists. Now, they’re operating with a 6-van fleet, and are completing up to 400 deliveries per month.

Workhorse put together a system for Home Delivery Specialists whereby communication to the end user and to drivers is fully automated, transforming how they communicate with their stakeholders. Via the Workhorse system, all customers have a login, allowing them to get regular updates on their orders.

“Workhorse has revolutionised our business completely”

— Samuel Hinchcliffe | MD | Home Delivery Specialists

Workhorse has become the central portal for Home Delivery Specialists

Workhorse customised the order management platform to get the right fit for Home Delivery Specialists. Now, they have other software integrated with their Workhorse platform, such as OnFleet last mile delivery solution and Voodoo SMS, an easy-to-use text messaging service.

Workhorse has become the central portal for Home Delivery Specialists where all data lives. This centralising means orders can be planned and executed more swiftly and easily, allowing Home Delivery Specialists to take on new customers and deliver at a higher capacity.

The future of Workhorse and Home Delivery Specialists

Home Delivery Specialists plan to further make use of Workhorse’s ability to integrate with additional systems by integrating their current accounting package into their Workhorse software.

As their business growth accelerates, Home Delivery Specialists hope to adopt Workhorse’s inventory management functionality to manage stock in their warehouse.

For Home Delivery Specialists, adopting the Workhorse order management system has been integral to the scaling up of their business, allowing them to fulfil a larger number of orders and onboard new clients. Operating using spreadsheets slows SMEs down, where Workhorse’s fully customisable system offers an alternative to optimise processes and streamline order management.

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