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Hubbell Associates streamline business processes and save over three days a month in time with Workhorse

About Hubbell Associates

Based in Jersey, Hubbell Associates is a bespoke global consultancy service that provides digital transformation services for financial and professional service organisations.

As a former UK tax resident working outside the UK in three different locations, founder Heather-Anne Hubbell has to comply with the numerous UK automatic overseas tax residency tests. In order to satisfy all of the tests, Heather has to track her time effectively to show that she works the required hours in each location. Coupled with the fact the Heather is running an international business and servicing clients across the globe, ensuring that time was effectively tracked and accounted for was no easy task.

The challenge for Hubbell

Unable to find an off-the-shelf system that was easily accessible, Heather created two spreadsheets that tracked her time – both daily and annually to confirm she met the requirements.

“I’m a former tax lawyer but no whiz at excel so it wasn’t pretty trying to manage both spreadsheets manually, and keeping them aligned. I also needed to ensure that they tracked all time spent for each client, so that I could charge appropriately for my services. I spent hours every week trying to make sure they were right, that I could manage client charging, and that I was meeting the tests progressively over the year”, Heather added.

“As if by magic, all the pain and manual work has gone, and I’ve got a robust record to meet all of my requirements.”

Heather-Anne Hubbell | Hubbell Associates

Streamlining processes with Workhorse

The Workhorse team took Heather’s spreadsheets and the details behind the formulas and created a customised application that was directly integrated with Xero – enabling Heather to send out invoices and bill her clients accordingly.

Workhorse’s solution provides Heather with a dashboard to show all of the details needed for the various tests as well as reporting on all key metrics. Not only is it this an all-in-one system, Workhorse can be accessed on mobile or desktop and has greatly increased Heather’s business efficiency and productivity.

“I don’t have to cross-reference my daily timesheets against monthly and annual trackers or save and archive multiple versions ‘just in case’ I blow up a spreadsheet by mistake, or it becomes corrupt. Invoicing the clients is easy and I can even download a detailed timesheet for the clients if required.”

“As if by magic, all the pain and manual work has gone”

“As if by magic, all the pain and manual work has gone, and I’ve got a robust record to meet all of my requirements. It saves me hours of reconciliation every week, and 2-3 days’ worth of effort every month across the various activities. How much is that kind of time saving from administrative tasks, freeing you up to focus on winning new business and providing services to clients, worth to your business?”

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