Weston Financial

Running their CRM using Google Docs was slowing Weston down. Workhorse provided them an end-to-end solution for their business.

What Weston needed

Weston Financial are an Essex based financial services company offering support for businesses. Weston Financial specialise in bridging loads and development finance, commercial finance, and legal services for business. Offering around 30 products, Weston commonly have customers using several different products, and recognised the need for a CRM system in their business.

Running their CRM using Google docs resulted in Weston mixing up and losing customer data and missing customer call-backs. This further led to a lack of accountability, due to the impossibility of tracking who had made changes and where.

Weston need an affordable system

Weston Financial recognised the value a CRM system could have for their business, but were put off by:

  • The cost- like many SMEs, the substantial cost of some CRM systems was a barrier.
  • Getting it right- the task of getting to grips with what would be required from their CRM system meant Weston did not know which way to go.

It was crucial for Weston to find a system which was affordable and could meet their needs without charging them for every adjustment they needed.

“If we didn’t have Workhorse, we wouldn’t be able to operate in the way we are today”

Weston Financial

Workhorse Software for Weston Financial

“It’s making sure our customers are given the correct product at the correct time”

Weston found Workhorse and implemented the software into their finance department. The integration of the system was transformative for their CRM, now Weston use Workhorse across many of their business functions.

Why Workhorse

To ensure a right-fit software, we worked with Weston to customise their software to their needs. Workhorse software has increased accountability across teams and reduced mistakes, by allowing teams to build comprehensive customer records to keep track of what they have and understand what they need.

For the financial sector, regulation plays a large role. Workhorse have helped Weston Financial with compliance and regulatory standards by allowing case notes to be effortlessly logged, keeping track of changes.

“If we didn’t have Workhorse, we wouldn’t be able to operate in the way we are today”

Weston found the right software in Workhorse, and due to Workhorse’s fast service and personal service, found working with our team to be a fantastic experience.

By implementing Workhorse software, Weston Financial have transformed their CRM across business functions, tidying up how things are done and providing customers with a better experience.

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