Will Power Worthing

Will Power Worthing had admin piling up, draining their resources. Workhorse boosts their productivity with an automated system that meets their needs.

Will Power’s fragmented systems

Will Power Worthing are professionals in legal will writing, lasting power of attorney, trusts, and pre-paid funeral plans. As a business with a lot of admin, the Will Power team have a lot to keep up with.

Before Workhorse, Will Power relied on multiple platforms to keep things running. Relying heavily on spreadsheets was time consuming, and running various systems for calendars, solicitor software and file sharing caused fragmentation which was disrupting Will Power’s way of working.

The unwieldy processes meant tasks would regularly have to be repeated 3 or 4 times – eating into Will Power’s precious time and resource.

How Workhorse transformed Will Power’s processes

Running processes across various platforms and relying on spreadsheets was slowing Will Power down, causing them to lose time on daily tasks. Will Power wanted a system which could centralise their tasks and automate as much of their processes as possible.

Adopting Workhorse into the business has transformed how things are done at Will Power. Now, the majority of their tasks are automated, such as a customised function to quickly generate reports based on incoming inquiries which updates easily as prospects convert.

“We have a lot of admin; Workhorse really streamlines all that”

— James Johnson | Will Writing Specialist | Will Power

Workhorse has given Will Power half of their time back

“We have a lot of admin; Workhorse really streamlines all that” – James Johnson, Will Writing Specialist.

Workhorse has given Will Power half of their time back, “we have 50% more time now”, showing the power of streamlined automation for small businesses.

Seeing its huge benefits, Will Power are beginning to further integrate Workhorse with their business, linking up their Xero account, payment channels and Dropbox around their central Workhorse system.

“It’s difficult to juggle all those platforms, integrating them into Workhorse will make things a lot easier”

Workhorse has transformed how Will Power work

Overall, Will Power are very impressed with their Workhorse experience “it’s been fantastic”. The benefits experienced in just a short time after adopting the Workhorse software have transformed how Will Power work and saved them a huge amount of time, automating tasks and creating one central system, removing their reliance on spreadsheet working and fragmented systems.

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