Industriepark Giesbert GbR

With manual admin tasks and data living across spreadsheets, Industriepark Giesbert GbR needed a way to simplify their order management.

About Industriepark Giesbert GbR

Founded in 1988, Industriepark Giesbert GbR is a real estate business managing a business park in the German town of Alzenau, next to Frankfurt. Industriepark Giesbert GbR provides long-term business leases throughout the business park – including offices, production halls, workshops, and car parking spaces for a variety of different organisations.

The family-owned business has grown steadily since inception and have recently introduced Workhorse to help manage data integrity, contacts, and to streamline their business processes.

The challenges prior to Workhorse

Prior to Workhorse, Managing Director Rolf Giesbert used several tools to manage invoicing, contracts, and contact management- getting easily mixed up between paper, various spreadsheets and word documents. Whilst paper and spreadsheets served the business well and were functional, reporting on key business metrics was inefficient and inaccurate.

Spreadsheets and Excel lists became immediately out-of-date and the integrity of the data meant senior management were unable to gain full visibility of business-critical activity.

“The efficiency gains means that Workhorse is an integral part of our business”

Rolf Giesbert | Managing Director | Industriepark Giesbert GbR

Enter, Workhorse….

“Prior to Workhorse we didn’t have an ERP system, but knew it was time to consider implementing one. When we looked at other solutions, they were either too expensive for our requirements, or the standard solutions didn’t meet our business needs,” Rolf added.

“Workhorse seemed like a good option. Not only is it cost effective, but the customisable nature of the software allowed it to fit our specific business needs”.

Rolf and the team at Industriepark Giesbert GbR adopted a phased approach to rolling out Workhorse. First, they used Workhorse’s contact management features, before migrating and managing all contracts into Workhorse. From there, they integrated their finance package to trigger invoices as well as managing key service tasks that are paramount to the running of the business. Rolf and his team also run their technical equipment through Workhorse’s inventory management features.

“By integrating our key services with Workhorse we are able to achieve more transparency throughout the business, and it has really enhanced our reporting capabilities – prior to this everything was manual.”

The real benefits of Workhorse

Such is the agile nature of Workhorse, Rolf was able to send an amended invoice out to all of his clients in just the click of a button after the German Government changed the VAT laws in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having the ability to react quickly and execute key business activities is a real benefit of Workhorse.

Not only has Workhorse improved productivity and generated efficiency gains throughout the business, it has also ensured clean data, which is kept all in one place, that provides real insight to driving business growth.

“The strongest argument for Workhorse is definitely having clean and consistent data that allows us to make better decisions. That, plus the efficiency gains means that Workhorse is an integral part of our business” Rolf added.

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A clear overview of data, whenever you need it.

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