Premier Doors

Premier’s silo working approach was slowing them down, and led to easily lost information. With Workhorse, they have a centralised system.

About Premier

Premier are an Essex based secured-by-design accredited doors supplier, specialising in access control, bespoke door design and community entrance steel doors.

With a large range of products and bespoke doors, Premier needed an order and inventory management system which would help them keep track of their sales.

Premier outgrew their system

Premier has grown significantly, and now run several departments across the business, such as CAD, estimating and purchasing. The trouble was as they expanded, they outgrew the system they had been using.

Their old system was offline, meaning each department was working in silos to log and update any activity manually- this led to a fragmented customer journey and easily lost information.

“Workhorse was the way forward for us”

— Premier

“The system we had didn’t help the whole company anymore”

This way of working made it impossible for Premier to streamline their order management, resulting in mistakes and a tricky disconnect between business functions. To boost their productivity, Premier knew they needed a new way of doing things.

Premier wanted an online system which everybody in the company would be able to access, with updates being logged automatically and fully visible across the board- that’s where Workhorse came in.

Workhorse- A new way of working for Premier

“Workhorse was the way forward for us”

Following their need for a better, cloud-based system, Premier got started with Workhorse. Workhorse has taken Premier’s order and inventory management online, meaning updates in all departments are logged and shared in the software, eliminating the silo working approach and increasing team productivity.

Premier use Workhorse in a way which is customised to meet their needs. Premier use Workhorse across business functions for estimating, invoicing, purchasing, and snagging. The great part? Workhorse has facilitated a ‘workflow’ process whereby, for example, information streams through seamlessly when an estimation becomes a job.

The customisation offered by the Workhorse software has revolutionised Premier’s order management with a tailored platform that fulfils all Premier’s order needs. By operating as a cloud-based software, Workhorse has connected departments across Premier with one centralised system, reducing mistakes and increasing the efficiency of workflows.

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