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Stock Locations

Use this area to enter the locations that your company uses for stock. To view or edit your Stock Locations, go to Settings > Stock Locations and click on the Add New button or select from the existing Stock Locations listed. Complete or amend the fields displayed.


To be able to view or edit Stock Locations, you’ll need to have appropriate User Access to the Settings module.

Stock Locations field explanations

Field Mandatory? Description
Location Name Y The name of the Stock Location.
Delivery Address N The address of the Stock Location.
Delivery Contact N The name and phone number of the contact at the Stock Location.
Delivery Contact Email N The email address of the contact at the Stock Location.
Quarantine Location Y A Stock Location for stock which will not appear in the “in stock” figures. This can be used for products which are in stock but which you do not wish to be available to sell. For example, faulty stock or stock which you wish to hold and then sell at a later date.
Disable Date N The date on which a Stock Location is disabled. Select a date from the calendar.
E-commerce N If you use an E-commerce integration with Workhorse, select Yes to sync stock information for this location with your web store.

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