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Stock Adjustments

The Stock Adjustment section of a Product is used for entering stock without a Purchase Order – for example when you first start using Workhorse you’ll probably already be holding stock that you need to enter into the system or, when you do a stock check you find you have more or less stock than you expected and need your system to record the difference.

Add a new Stock Adjustment

To add a Stock Adjustment, select + New.

Once you’ve made the Stock Adjustment, it will display on the Stock Adjustments area of the Products page.

Tax Rates field explanations

Field Mandatory? Description
Adjustment Date Automatic Defaults to today’s date and current time though this can be changed.
Stock Location Y Where are you holding this stock? If you only have one Stock Location it will default here, but if you have multiple you can select the one you need.
Starting Stock Quantity Automatic The amount of stock you are holding at this Stock Location before you make the adjustment.
Adjustment Quantity Y The amount of stock you’re adding or removing. If your stock balance is 10 and it should be 8, enter (-2) here.
New Stock Quantity Automatic Starting stock quantity +/- the adjustment.
Adjustment Price Y  
Note Y Reason for adjustment.
Xero Ref Automatic Identifier of this adjustment in Xero.

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