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Stock Adjustments

The Stock Adjustment section of a Product or Assembly record allows you to manually adjust stock quantities. This is particularly useful when you initially begin using Workhorse, as you may already have existing stock that needs to be entered into the system. It can also be used during stock checks to correct stock levels as needed.


Most changes to stock quantities happen automatically when Products and Assemblies are added to stock (via Purchase Orders and Work Orders) or when Products, Kits, and Assemblies leave your business (via Customer Orders and Despatch Notes).

If you are moving stock from one Stock Location to another, see Stock Transfers.

Add a new Stock Adjustment

To add a Stock Adjustment, select + New.

After you have completed the Stock Adjustment, it will be visible in the Stock Adjustments section of the Products page.

Stock Adjustments field explanations

Field Mandatory? Description
Adjustment Date Automatic Auto-fills today’s date and current time.
Stock Location Y Where is this stock being stored? If you only have one Stock Location it will be set as the default, but if you have multiple locations, you can select the one you need.
Starting Stock Quantity Automatic The amount of stock you are holding at this Stock Location before you make the adjustment.
Adjustment Quantity Y Enter the amount of stock you’re adding or removing. If your stock balance is 10 and it should be 8, enter “-2” here.
New Stock Quantity Automatic Starting stock quantity +/- the adjustment.
Adjustment Price Y By default, this price represents the current average cost of the Product, calculated per unit. This can be modified when adding stock, although it is important to note that adjusting the price will impact the Product’s overall average cost. There is no need to adjust this field when removing stock.
Note Y Enter a reason for adjustment.

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