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S/N Inventory

Use the S/N Inventory page to monitor and trace all serial number-controlled Products or Assemblies. From this page, you can add Internal Notes to or write off an item.

Navigate to Inventory > S/N Inventory.
Use the Quick and Advanced Search to help you find the serial number-controlled items you’re looking for.
By default, serial number-controlled items are sorted by Product (numerically, then A-Z). To sort by something else, click on the column heading. Click again to reverse the sort order.
Click on a serial number-controlled item to add or edit an Internal Note or to write off the item. Refer to S/N Inventory field explanations for more information on each field.

Write off S/N controlled stock

To remove a serial number-controlled item from stock, follow the steps below. 


To write off serial number-controlled items, you will need to have appropriate User Access to the Inventory Module. 

1.  Go to Inventory > S/N Inventory.

2.  Select the Product or Assembly that you want to write off.

3.  Select Yes next to Written Off

4.  Click Save to remove the Product or Assembly from stock.

S/N Inventory field explanations

Field Mandatory? Description
Product Automatic Displays the name of the item as found in the Product Description field on the Product/Assembly record.
Serial Number Automatic Displays the serial number entered when the Product/Assembly was added to stock.
Stock Location Automatic Displays the current Stock Location of the item.
Created by Work Order Automatic Auto-fills if the Assembly was created by a Work Order. Not applicable to Products.
Used on Work Order Automatic Auto-fills if the item has been used as a Component Product on a Work Order.
Purchase Order Automatic Auto-fills if the Product was added to stock via a Purchase Order. Not applicable to Assemblies.
Customer Order Automatic Auto-fills if the item appears on a Customer Order. If the item appears on a Despatch Note this will also be displayed in brackets.
Invoice Automatic Auto-fills if the item appears on an Invoice.
Credit Note Automatic Auto-fills if the item appears on a Credit Note.
Internal Notes N Add Internal Notes for reference.
Written Off Y Select Yes to remove the serial-controlled item from stock.

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