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Despatch Notes

Navigate to Despatch Notes.
Use the Quick and Advanced Search to help you find the Despatch Note you’re looking for.
By default, the most recent Despatch Notes are displayed at the top of the page. To sort by something else, click on the column heading. Click again to reverse the sort order.
The Status column helps you to keep track of each Despatch Note at a glance.


The Despatch Notes Module is customisable so you can see the information that is most important to you and your workflow. 

Add a new Despatch Note from a Customer Order


While a new Despatch Note can be created from the Despatch Notes Module, it is best to create it from the associated Customer Order and allow Workhorse to auto-fill the Despatch Note with all outstanding line items (Products not yet despatched).

To create a new Despatch Note from a Customer Order, you will need to have appropriate User Access to the Customer Orders and Despatch Notes Modules.

1.  Go to Customer Orders.

2.  Open the Customer Order you want to create a Despatch Note for.

3.  Click Despatch Notes to expand the section and click + New.

4.  A new Despatch Notes entry page will be displayed, auto-filled with information from the Customer Order. Start by entering or selecting any missing details in the Despatch Notes section.


You will need to complete all of the mandatory fields (marked with a *) before you can save the Despatch Note.

Refer to Despatch Notes field explanations for more information on each field.

5.  On the right-hand side, edit the Despatch Note Details as required to reflect what will be picked/despatched:

Click on an Order Line to edit the Despatch Quantity and select the Despatch Location.

6.  Once all of the required details under Despatch Notes have been entered and selected and the Despatch Note Details have been edited, scroll down and click Save.

Update the status of a Despatch Note

The Status field helps to keep track of the Products being despatched and can be viewed from the Despatch Notes Module table view. This field is updated manually.

Draft Indicates the Products on this Despatch Note have not been picked and are not ready to be despatched.
Ready to Despatch Select once the Products have been picked and are ready to be despatched.

Select once the Products have been despatched.

This will automatically update the Order Status of the Customer Order. Stock movements will also be initiated to remove the stock of the despatched items.

Once a Despatch Note is complete, no other Status can be selected.

Cancelled Select to cancel this Despatch Note. This does not cancel the line items (Products) on the corresponding Customer Order.

At the bottom of a Despatch Note, click the Functions button to Print or Email a Pick List or Despatch Note.

Selecting Print Pick List/Print Despatch Note will open a PDF of the Pick List/Despatch Note which you can save or print.

Selecting Email Pick List/Email Despatch Note will open the Send Email form. The Email Title, Email Body, Reply To and To fields will be auto-populated based on your Email Template.

You can edit any of those fields or add files before clicking Send. You can also add files in the Email Template to ensure a specific file is always attached when emailing a Pick List/Despatch Note. This email will be sent directly from your Workhorse system.

Despatch Note field explanations

Field Mandatory? Description
Despatch Ref Automatic A sequential Despatch Note number will be assigned when you add a new Despatch Note from a Customer Order, or when you save a new Despatch Note from the Despatch Notes Module.
Despatch Date Y Defaults to today’s date. Click to select the date the Products should be despatched.
Customer Y

Auto-fills if generated from a Customer Order.

Otherwise, select the Customer from the drop-down list. If the Customer is not already in your system, use the button on the right-hand side to add a new Customer.

Customer Address N

Auto-fills if generated from a Customer Order with an Override Delivery Address selected.

Otherwise, leave blank to use the main address entered on the Customer record or select another address from the drop-down list (populated from the Addresses section of the Customer record).

Order N

Auto-fills if generated from a Customer Order.

Otherwise, select the associated Customer Order from the drop-down list.

Despatch Location Y

Auto-fills if generated from a Customer Order.

Otherwise, select the Stock Location the Products should be despatched from using the drop-down list.

Delivery Method N Click to select the delivery method (configurable in Lists).
Status Y Defaults to Draft. Click to update the status of this Despatch Note. Refer to Update the status of a Despatch Note.
Document Comments N Enter comments to appear on the printed Despatch Note. Auto-fills any Document Comments entered on the associated Customer Order.
Internal Notes N Add internal notes for reference. Auto-fills any Internal Notes entered on the associated Customer Order. Notes entered here can be viewed from the Despatch Notes Module table view.

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